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  1. hey all, im an aspiring writer, i have my own system and 'enviorment' that i write in, always the same place at starbucks or B&N or what i write with. lately as i've gone onto this site more and more, looking for chanel bags and lv wallets and such, i realized i wanted a different type of bag that wasn't 'in' or anything. i wanted a leather messenger bag to go around with, where i knew all my notes and plot lines, pens squiggles and doodles when i couldnt think, notebooks, pens, everything was in a spot. though that sounds like alot, its pretty much a small leather bound book, a note pad, pens, and the occassional little file portfolio thats like the WxL of an envelope but wider. im one of those once i have one, id keep it for years and years, and if everything works out for me, id probably keep continuing to use it since it would also have sentimental value. i dont need a briefcase wide bag with huge exterior pockets. it needs to be durable (i want something in leather) because i know next year i will probably be carrying it around with me daily. any suggestions? im looking for a lewis and clarkesque type of messenger bag, leather, simple, not plain but i dont want the brass to overwhelm everything. also this is very trivial but i wanted to find a compass key chain, so if anyone knows where i could find one that would be great:nuts:.
  2. now greendry suggested a mens mulberry, but i thought it was too big, but i continued to look through the site and found all these goodies, but i dont know how to show you since its flash, but i can give you the names:
    1st picks:LITCHFIELD, ALFIE
    2nd picks: LUCIAN, BRYNMORE

    those are the type of bags im looking at, which ones do you like of them? or do you have any other suggestions? please keep in mind i havent made money off of this yet lol, so nothing in the 600s or anything yet. :biggrin: thanks.
  3. well not like i cant spend over 600 for this, the max is up in the air i guess but i dont want to spend too much for it.
  4. OR THE WOODY now that im thinking about it..
  5. i like how the others look, but the woody seems more practical and it has a full flap, i was thinking if i bought this, i could buy a separate antiquish lock to decorate the bottom middle part..
  6. a penny for your thoughts?