A World of Thanks !!

  1. Dear Forum Members,

    I have been an Hermes handbag devotee for many, many years...and I felt compelled to thank each of you for the extremely valuable information consistently provided in this forum. There was a time when one could purchase an Hermes masterpiece directly from one of their many boutiques...yes, perhaps with a bit of a wait...but not years of anguish....or inappropriate behavior from (some) sales associates. Here, you provide an opportunity for many to own the quality handbag that (in my opinion) is unique to Hermes.

    Although I visit often, I've posted only once before...in an attempt to learn the Hermes designation of my briefcase which I've carried daily for the past 5+ years. Prior to visiting this forum, I didn't know (or even care to know) that it was called a "whitebus". Some collect works of art, I prefer to collect Hermes handbags...and consider them my treasures.

    Perhaps some day I'll muster the "nerve" to participate in a thread or two. Again, my thanks.

    Best regards.
  2. Welcome Luciana!!! I hope that you will post and join in the fun! We'd love to have you!!!!
  3. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing some of your bags:smile:
  4. Welcome! I'm new too. Love to see some of your bags.
  5. Welcome!! Have a fantastic stay and please do post something every once in a while!
  6. Welcome Lucinda. There are all levels of knowledge and interests on this great forum so please do post!
  7. Welcome!!!!
  8. Welcome.
  9. Welcome to the World Of Hermes Forum!!!

    We're Glad to have You here!
  10. Thanks Luciana12 and welcome! I feel the same way about this wonderful forum. I don't mind that H has become more popular in the recent years. It may mean a longer wait for a particular bag, but in this way, more people get to enjoy it. I think being a H customer, we learn the virtue of patience and get to appreciate good quality, and classic design and style in the midst of ever growing and changing world of fashion.
  11. Welcome to the board! Come out of lurk mode!
  12. Welcome!!
  13. Welcome-what color and style H bags do u own?
  14. Hi Luciana, welcome to tPF :nuts: Enjoy your new addiction :graucho:
  15. Dear Ms. Luci:

    HAPPY to 'meet you'!!! Yes, I TOO found this forum OVER ALL to be EXTREMELY educational, helpful and FUN to to be a part of!!!