A Work In Progress

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    The first picture is most of my Fendi's
    The second picture is a few more Fendi's I found in dustbags after I took the first picture and my Coach bags.
    The third is a mixture: 2 Gucci, 1 Chanel, 1 Dooney and several Louis Vuitton's
    The fourth pic is some inexpensive but FUN bags including a fewVon Dutch and Playboy Bowling Bags, a Michael Kors summery bag, and a great denim bag hand made by my friend Dori Zona.
    The fifth are a few last minute additions: a Fendi Pouchette, a Kate Spade Sutton and the latest and GREATEST......Chloe' Paddington (Noir) that I stole from MRG!! Thanks!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Since I have more to come, I guess I should take one "Group Pic" shouldn't I?
  2. def group pix! your collections are lovely!
  3. "A work in progress"? You have a very good beginning--that's a large collection! Really beautiful. what's your favorite bag or brand? thanks for the pics.
  4. Wonderful collection:heart:
  5. Cool collection! ;)
  6. Thanks everyone!! The funny thing is that I don't realize how much I have until I tried to take their pictures! hehe
    I don't really have a favorite brand but I think I prefer more classic styling. I'm a hairstylist and I have always fashioned myself to be a "Classic Technician"...which basically means that I like classic, pretty hair and am never going to be the one to say, "Sit down and let me do my work, you'll LOVE it!" I am the one who wants input from my clients and although I do some avante garde work at shows....in the salon I like pretty hair! The same goes with my fashion sense, I like classic and pretty! I like the purses that aren't going to really go out of style.
    I think more than any brand of bag I like my vintage bags most!! I often wonder what stories they could tell. Some of my Fendi bags are older and have a ton of character. When I prance into Fendi at The Forum Shops I don't feel like they're looking down their noses thinking "Dang, do ya think a sista' could retire the bag already?" hehehehehe.................................

    I just feel like I'm on some sort of crazy mission! My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts! But, in his defense when I got the Paddington I made him sniff it up real good and he said, "Wow, that's NICE leather! Now, THAT I can appreciate!" So when ever he gives me a hard time about my obsession, I'll just make him grope the Paddy to bring him back into perspective!
  7. Fab collection - some great pieces in there
  8. way off topic but omg ur dog, sooo cute!!!
  9. Thank you!! That's my Bassett Hound, Gus.:heart:
  10. Ok, here is another try at this. Sorry, all I did not realize that I couldn't just replace the old pictures with new ones! So I took two new pictures one is a group shot and boy, you can not believe how hard it was to get them to all smile at once!:nuts:

    The second picture is my very favorite bags that 99% of the time if you see me on the street I will be carrying one of these bags. That's a sign that I should sell the rest......................NOT!:graucho:

    Anyway,in total I have 7 Coach, 9 Fendi, 1 Chanel (Not including the Chanel Cambon Bowling Bag in brown that I just ordered! Eeeww I'm in trouble!), 1 Prada, 1 Dooney , 1 Michael Kors, 1 Kate Spade, 3 cute bowling bags, 4 Louis, 1 Chloe Paddington, 2 Gucci's, 1 Juicy Couture and a plethora of cute bags that I paid less that $30 for!

    My favorites are: My Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack, My Jeune Fille, Silver Vernis Christie PM, Silver Vernis Thompson Street, My 4 Favorite Fendi bags:a black pouchette that goes with the basic little black dress, a cute vintage one in traditional brown (that is my very fav), a Fendi Travel Bag and a Compliation bag, my Juicy Daydreamer bag that is the fault of someone else on this showcase....I saw a picture of her Juicy Cherry Daydreamer and had to run right to the Forum Shops and pick one up! I plea the fifth......
    and of course.................The Paddy!:wlae:
    Group Hug.jpg Favorites.jpg
  11. ^^^haha--love the title of the first pic! You really do have some classic pieces. Aren't the Vernis items lovely?!
  12. i love how you talk about yourself and your collection! it makes it seem like getting a real personal tour- i love vintage stuff too, for the same reason as you!
  13. very nice :smile:
  14. Love the dark blue Coach!
  15. Thanks! It's dark denim and I actually bought that one, resale, for charity. I think I paid $40 for it! My daughter (SHe is 12) really likes to steal my Coach bags. I guess they're the hot thing in Middle School! I should be thankful, though, as many of the kids at her school also carry Juicy and Dior! What a sick world we live in! She is great because she has realized that instead of wearing makeup to school she can sleep in for an additional 15 minutes! She'd go to school in her PJ's if they'd let her. I'm enjoying it while I can! I know it's coming........as all of you mom's of teens can attest! That's what I love about my bags, they don't talk back! :graucho: