A Work in light grey?

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  1. Hi Ladies
    I found a work on an internet store and they colour ist described as "light grey". Could sandstone be described as light grey or do you have any idea what colour could be meant?

    Thank you for your help!


    Ps. Sorry, my English is very bad...
  2. It could be Greige from '06...what site was it? Balenciaga does not allow their products to be sold online so be careful:yes:
  3. Thank you for the info. It might be Greige as it is a mix between gris et beige. I was talking about www.styledrops.com. I had actually a good impression on it but I have never ordered there before...

    What do you think?

    Merci, Novalie
  4. Someone else can speak to whether Styledrops is legit.

    However, it seems that every store calls the bag colors different names from what Bal calls them. And Bal has three different names for each color: French, Italian and English. So figuring out which color the bag actually is can be hard. For example, Diabro calls a whole bunch of different bags "burgundy", while some are actually Grenat, etc.

    Don't be discouraged...just know that you have to look at the color and compare it to the color swatches at ateliernaff.com to be sure of the color/year.
  5. There are people here who've shopped at Styledrops.com before and found that they are legit and sell authentic Balenciagas (they manage to sell Balenciagas online because they don't use Balenciaga Wholesale as the source of their products, they use a third party resource). Although they are a bit pricey.

    If you are refering to this bag:

    Light Grey = Greige (FW 06 collection). It can't be Sandstone as the PURSE style was discontinued after the FW 06 collections (Sandstone is SS 07). The price for the bag isn't so bad actually.
  6. i just checked out their site and while they do have older season bags, their prices are still $200 or so above retail. for example, they have a grenat city listed for 1559 when in store it's 1195. of course, that's an 06 color...

    as incoralblue stated, other people here have bought from them and they do sell authentic Bal bags :yes:
  7. Yep, that's the bag! Thank you so much...

    I'm still not sure about the colour, I just thought that you don't see it very often, that might be a reason to go for...

    I need more help, further advices please....:confused1:
  8. It's a beautiful color, a mix between beige and gray. I love the purse style, it fits my shoulder well and is not bulky under the arm. Love love love the purse style, I think it looks great it greige!
  9. Greige is a fantastic color. It really goes with just about anything because it is a mix of beige and gray. The color can look very different in different types of light - mine looks gray indoors and beige outdoors. And that color looks very nice in the purse style. :yes:
  10. pics anyone?!?!