A WORD FROM CASEY........."Okay, this is out of control"

  1. Robyn,

    You are seriously going to need to sit down for this. I came in early this morning to unpack some new Cruise shipments and completely flipped out when I saw what was inside. There are no words for these bags, except to say that the Riki perforated suede is maybe the best bag I have ever seen in my life. It is so, so good. Wow.

    Please try not to run anyone over on your way to the phone.

    Ramona_White_patent[1].jpg whitepatentramonadetail.jpg Riki_Black_patent[1].jpg Riki_Black_patent_side_detail.jpg Riki_Cigar_paten.jpg
  2. And a few MORE :choochoo::choochoo: to :drool::drool: over

    So what are your thoughts??

    I am still waiting to see actual photos of the Blue Patent Mahala, not just the lookbook photos:yes:
    Riki_cigar_side_detail.jpg Riki_perforated_suede.jpg Riki_perforated_detail.jpg Riki_stud_detail.jpg Riki_side_detail.jpg
  3. I like the Cigar patent one, gorgeous brown, but I don't think I will buy into the patent all-over look because I know I will become bored with it. The bags that combine patent and suede, that's a different story. The perforated one is interesting, is the colour gray or metallic or what? I like the buggle beads (is that what they're called..?). Can't wait for more pics and news and opinions:drool:. Thanks for sharing (your SA is a real gem:tup:).
  4. I really want to fall madly in love with one of the new bags, but so far I haven't. I don't know if it's because I already have 2 Rikis that I love, or that I'm really content at the moment since I just got my my Ring bag. :shrugs:

    I'm more than happy with my blue patent Riki, these new patent colors don't do it for me the way she does. And while I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color of the perforated bag, I don't really like everything else about it....there's a lot going on there. If they come out with a classic Riki in that color? It's mine! :drool: And that it's suede is even better!

    Maybe a new Ring bag will come out that I'll have to have, I am now very much in love with that style! :love:

    I also agree with Polaremil, I really like patent and suede together ala the Mahala, but I don't think I'd want too many all over patent bags....
  5. Interesting, it looks to me as though the newer patent is smoother/slicker than the older textured JC patent. I wonder if it'll be more troublesome as far as fingerprints go????

    Ramona from F/W 06: TEXTURED PATENT

    Ramona from Cruise 07/08: NOT(?) TEXTURED PATENT
    Jimmy Choo Ramona.JPG mine closeup.JPG new patent.jpg new patent closeup2.jpg
  6. I wanna see the yellow ones jburgh spoke of...I think that's going to be the color I will go for. JChoo is supposed to be sending me the catalogue. I'll probably get it in January!!
    That perforated one is a looker. I'd love to see it IRL.
    So they actually have the bags now in the store? I may have to go to the Choo boutique in SF tomorrow or Monday.
    Thanks for the peek Robyn...can I borrow your credit card now?:nuts:
  7. Good point Cosmopolitan....I much prefer the textured patent to the new smooth patent. :tup:

    I wonder if the smooth patent would look "plasticy" IRL? :s
  8. I do like the white patent.
  9. OMG, they are beautiful, all of them, looks like patent is here for a while. I agree, the perforated suede is a gorgeous, gorgeous bag. Cosmopolitan, you're right, the new patent looks like a higher sheen/polished look. I really love your burgandy Ramona, beautiful!!
    I just may have to have one of those great bags. I've been holding off getting a new Choo for the right bag to come along, one of these may be it.
  10. Oh my! I just came home from helping a friend move, and this is what I see. I was going to go to bed early, but now I'm all revved up about bags.

    I'd like to see the perforated suede IRL. So far it just doesn't do it for me...don't kill me girls, but it reminds me of a Kathy Van Zeeland bag. :shrugs: It must look better IRL...Casey is never wrong!

    I like the tan patent color. If it is dark caramel like the pic looks...well I have a pair of shoes that would go with it. :graucho:

    But, seriously now...that Poppy Red Mahala has my name on it. I am as they say "a red crayon."
    Mahaha_poppy.jpg Poppy1.jpg
  11. The Poppy red -- has me too!:love:
    I still want to see the neon Blue

    Robyn - can you see if Casey can send a pic of the neon blue?
  12. Cosmo - I was wondering the same thing..just got overwhelmed by that darn Poppy popping at me I forgot to mention it:shame:
  13. ^^^jburgh, I'm with you. I think the perforated bag is hideous; just a mess. Way too much going on. :tdown:

    On the other hand, the caramel/butterscotch "Cigar" color is delicious!
  14. wooow they are gorgeous!!!!
  15. I'm drooling over that Mahala! The sueded Riki looks a little too "blingy", but it sure does look scrumptious!