A wonderful way to end the week!

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  1. Today, I left my work early and decided to go too Hermès! I chatted with the SAs and spent a lot of time looking at the different scarves. The new store scarf catalog also arrived so I could see the different designs for S/S 07. I fell in love with the Course de Champs scarf. I wanted one in gold color and my SA will look for it. I actually saw it before already at the shop, but then, another person bought it right in front of my face!

    I also fell in love with the red berries twilly in white/red and bought it as a new accessory to my vermillion Birkin. I had my glass of champagne and closed the shop together with the SAs. We then went to a special cocktail that Hermès is hosting with an exhibition of photographs with "hands" as the central focus. Had more champagne there.

    The store manager, together with the head of Hermès Switzerland, flew today from the podium in Paris to specially open the exhibition. I had a nice chat with the head of H Switzerland. It was so funny because when the head of H said that they had to go back to Paris tonight, I said, "Oh, to the podium!" He was so surprised that I knew about the podium!!! Afterwards, the store manager and the head had to leave early to fly back to Paris.

    I had a lot of H sightings at the cocktail ... 32cm sellier Kelly in miel matt croc, 27cm Bolide in black ostrich, 35cm Birkin in gold clemence, Constance in black box, my own Birkin, etc. etc.

    I met so many people and in all, it was a great way to end the work week!
  2. that sounds so much fun, la van!

    did you get some inside scoop with the head of H? pls. post pics of your new buys! have a great weekend!
  3. LaVan, you have such lovely H-experiences; I always look forward to your posts! Glad to know the red berries is coming in a twilly; I have the regular-sized scarf and love the pattern--perfect for Spring. It will just go perfectly with your Vermillion!
  4. LaVan, you lead such a glamorous life! You hang with the H guys, that is too cool!!!
  5. You always have the BEST time at Hermes!!!!! I love to read these stories....so much FUN!!!!!
  6. Sounds like you had a lovely time and lucky you to be able to end your weekend so perfectly!!! Pls. post pics of your gorgeous twilly! Is it the same design that GF has on her avatar w/ her bolide? I wonder if it comes in a pocket square?? If its the same one I think it is, Congrats!!!! It is beautiful!!
  7. It was a really greta experience. The Head of H Switzerland is also very chic! He had on this beautiful black leather jacket in the cut of a suit with white stitches to give the illusion of a pin stripe. Though he had a German, he's from the French part of Switzerland and we laughed about ourselves as we tried to speak in normal German because we couldn't speak Swiss German. He gave a short speech in French which I barely could understand.

    I think I was one of the youngest people there at the cocktail, except for a 2 and a half month old baby.

    The cocktail food was delicious! I also met some friends at the cocktail who I didn't know was coming. We just chatted, and chatted, had lots of champagne. My glass had the name "Moet and Chandon" written, and the store manager whispered, "hah, it's Louis Vuitton!" I snugged and laughed with him!!!

    I'm actually a bit tipsy now as I haven't had dinner and just had small pieces of cocktail food and champagne!
  8. Here's a picture of the twilly!
  9. Great story LaVan.. I love reading all of them.
    You've got to be careful though..You and Hermes is already mindblowing...You+Alcohol+Hermes.....We'll have to call you ShopMom number 2 or like...Victoria Beckham!!
  10. LaVan - i LOVE that new twilly! so pretty! was that new for S/S '07? i might just have to see if my store can find me one....
  11. LOL!!! That was actually a long cocktail! I was there from 6:00PM - 9:30PM ... gosh ... 3.5 hours of non-stop champagne!
  12. Yeap it's new, just like Grand Fond's scarf!
  13. Tsk Tsk Tsk
    You need to have SoCal give you alcohol education :p :p :p :p :p
    She's a great help!
  14. What a great report!!! So fun!
    ...annnnnd there's another Twilly I must have. :smile:
  15. LOL!!! help!!! That's actually a lot of champagne for me considering I'm tiny and with my Asian genes, it doesn't help hahaha!