A wonderful evening at the Coach outlet!


hold me back, girls
Oct 26, 2006
"Sunny Sunny" So Fla

Just went to the sawgrass mills Coach outlet for the first time last night and OMIGOD!!!!! It was like a little slice of discounted heaven! I wasn't aware there was one closer than orlando!

So, they had the pill cases ($29) i've been hunting for, but they had everything else in the world too! Little tape measures, which I HAD to have for my sewing projects (which sit in a constant state of disarray), picture frames, cd cases, umbrellas, crazy items gallore! And WONDERFUL men's items! Great wallets, wonderful agendas and desk items (a pencil case with pencils is on its way to me...) I was just lovin' it! The store doesn't have all the quirky little things this outlet had, and I just couldn't believe my eyes! I got a purse that cost me just under $400 quite a bit ago (my car was stolen, the bag in it:Push: ) for ONLY $120.
But they sure did have some TERRIBLE employees! Geez, customer service, hello!"!"!????

The cocktail watch is also there, a little more than HALF OFF! I can't wait for my next paycheck! It's mine! Finally ! I have been waiting over a year for it! There are only three. If anyone else plans on getting that, just save me one! So excited!

My boyfriend bought me a lovely leopard scarf, it was supposed to be a christmas surprise, but when i opened the coach shopping bag at dinner to transfer all my belongings from the purse i brought to the purse i bought, i found it in the bottom of the bag! i almost peed myself!:graucho: I wouldn't pay the $90 on the price tag, I mean, I live in South Florida! I loved it, but didn't need it. (trying rationality on with my designer wares.) So i left it with the girl at the counter.

What I didn't know is that my boyfriend talked to the sales girl and got the good news it was discounted to $60! Then he bought it on the sly (his first coach to me!) and tried to hide it by carrying the shopping bags, but I HAD to go ahead and use my new purse, therefore ruining the surprise.

I love it! If you haven't been, you need to. And the sales associates do admit to a GIANT rotating stock. So fun! (the brand new legacy bags? they had about 4, 15% off! No blemishes! I put one down for one minute and lost it!:crybaby: ) it was my bf's favorite bag out of the whole store. i should have just bought it! but i was too greedy about getting things SO cheap! I wanted it for less! (even thought I was willing to pay sticker price at the store about a month and change ago!):hysteric:

anyhow, that's my story, thanks for letting me obsess! Pix to post soon!:jammin:


Jul 31, 2006
Congrats! You sound like me after the first time I went to the outlet - good stuff overload!

Enjoy and watch yourself - knowledge of the outlets is a blessing and a curse!


Sep 30, 2006
New York
what a day! sounds like you heaps of fun, too bad about that bag you put down, it obviously was not meant to be (or maybe when you go back at 2nd time!) congrats on all your new things!
Aug 11, 2006
yay congrats! i went to the coach outlet in riverhead, long island called tanger. the SA's were very nice because i asked them to get me a bag from the back so it wouldnt have any scratches. it's soo hectic in there too! one lady had 7 bags ... great gifts. my mom bougth 2 wristlets and 2 bags for my family members. the glory of gift giving during christmas =)


I Love You Mommy
Oct 16, 2006

I finally went to a Coach outlet this weekend. My first time. YAY!
I got a few things. But they are going under the tree so I can't say what I got. I'll post pics on the 26.


hold me back, girls
Oct 26, 2006
"Sunny Sunny" So Fla
pix to follow, as soon as my camera decides to cooperate.... thanks tho!

cristina-i just pm'd you, but here's the offer anyway.

anyone else want to hit up the sawgrass colonades after christmas? a little drink and a little shopping? i was planning on hitting the store after xmas too!