A wonderful email I received...

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  1. Recently I was searching for a bbag, I emailed the seller to ask about the bag, and told her I am brand new to the bbags, and this is the email I received from her. I hope it's ok to post it, I asked her permission first. I was just so impressed with the email, but more than that, the fact that she took the time to help me. :heart: Since then I have bought from two other sellers who have been extremely nice too:smile: Many of you may know everything she says, but then maybe some of you won't, so I wanted to share this email with you.

    Hi Susy,

    I have seen leathers thick and thin, more dry and less, and even within one season. It does have everything to do with the leathers, but once they are approved, (and it is a very highly specialized process), they are used. The Plomb from last year for example was as thick as any ’05, and some of the ‘06’s were paper thin. The inks I ordered became one of the top sellers and it had to do with the richness of color and not the skin. The owners tell me each one they fall in love with, and as they use it as their personal Bag. They are very, very special, so you will find every comment out there - - it is always based on what each has experienced. As a point of interest, if you look at the original Le Dix, it is a very pebbled leather and is nothing like today. Those Bags by the way are considered rare collectibles and sell for huge amounts. You will not convince the early owners the new Bags are any better, simply because the Le Dix (not The First), by NG, was what created this iconic, cult status Bag. In my opinion, the only other Bag that qualifies is some of the legendary Caviars. The fact that Coco and Balenciaga were close friends makes it even more special.

    Regarding recent past seasons, they have selected from goat, and they just now moved to lamb. I can tell you I have sold Bags considered no veiny Bags, very veiny Bags, and highly distressed, as asked for. Each Bag is Master craft created, and they decide everything so that each Bag will be truly unique - - that’s a true Balenciaga.

    Some owners go on a seemingly endless odyssey in search of the perfect Bag - - then look back and realize theirs was. Many on the Purse Forum, and other Collector’s know they can travel the world and will have, to me, the best Bag on the planet. I have sold many Bags including the Spy, Paddington, etc, and to Clients in the spotlight - - they always return to Balenciaga at one time or another.

    Specifically to the Black I have on ebay, it is a very very deep and saturated black (stunningly Black), and with almost no apparent veining. If you want to be very specific, the veins on the goat/lamb run very close to the top-skin, vs. let’s say calf, so it’s there depending on how the dyes took -- there are other things too. This one has a beautiful sheen, or glow about it, and I would never tell you the lamb is not as good as goat – these season Bags are Fabulous and look like their right off the runway. The tassels by the way look tightly fit and that was always a talking point of past seasons. It’s two skins together and always amazes me they can work with leather at this level. As soft as the Bags get, the feel is wonderfully supple, and as it should be. 2008 is another Beautiful Season.

    Note that the inside of the Bag is lined in linen and will take the bulk of the weight of the items in the Bag. It will naturally adjust once you own one, and you’ll find the owning experience is worth it. These Bags also can bring you a great return should you decide to changes colors, and some of them do command over retail as they are sold off/out.

    Oh yes, you asked about the hardware.. the vintage hardware is acid etched brass, and all the rings are hand soldered shut and hand rubbed and finished. The Bales are hand turned as well. The Lampo zippers are from a factory that protected the Italians during WWII, so Lampo itself even has a great heritage in Italy, and has a very Historic background.

    Share this with others who may be new to Balenciaga as well - there are certainly a lot of Bag choices out there.

    Good luck in your decision.

    Best wishes,
    Kathy , Owner, Elizabeth*Thomas
  2. wow thanks for sharing.
  3. how nice, great messege!
  4. wow, that is the best email i've ever seen from an ebay seller!!! so warm and informative at the same time. thanks for sharing :flowers:
  5. Thank you for posting. I loved reading it and what a super nice seller to have spent so much time writing about bbags.
  6. Hi Nicole, yes, thats exactly what I told her, it's the best, kindest most informative email I had ever received! :tup: Also that she is a good writer :yes:
  7. soooo nice! Wow!
  8. that's incredible - thanks for sharing!
  9. wow! Such a thurough email! :tup: great seller, very helpful!!
  10. I am going to move this to shopping (and as a note, posting emails from others is generally not allowed).

    I have done biz with Eliz before and she and her husband are truly wonderful kind people :flowers:
  11. thanks very much for sharing!! it's a wonderful/informative read for bal newbie like me :tup:
  12. thanks for sharing this! it was truly very informative :smile:
  13. I'm so impressed~ How nice!
  14. Thanks for sharing, there really really are some very wonderful and caring people out in the dreaded cyberworld....don´t forget that;)

  15. Very well written email!
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