A Woman's Right To Purses


Dec 22, 2006
Here's a topic:
Leaving the brands aside, the latest purchase we've made, colors, shapes and sizes, when do you know that too much is too much, that you've spent in a day more that you make in a month?

How can we justifity our purchases (some of you might say we DON'T have to justify anything as long as it's our cash, but still...) and how do we "defend" ourselves in front of our husbands/boyfriends when they say "you don't reallt need that", "you have too many anyway", "you're not buying it, right? ", "oh come on, you have 4 bags that resemble (we DON'T have enough time and patiente to explain to them that the LV Speedy is NOT the Same thing with the Boston Gucci or that even if Balenciaga is just as hard to pronounce as Furstenberg, they are 2 different things).

How can we defend our cause without sounding superficial or spoiled...?


Nov 13, 2006
Most people have one hobby that consumes a lot of their time and/or money. Some men love cars, and will spend a lot to fix their cars up. Do I think that's necessary? No. I drive a Toyota that gets great gas mileage. For me, a car is purely about function. Other people like to golf, play video games, collect things, etc. I consider handbags to be a hobby, similar to those, and whenever I feel like I have to justify it to someone, I remind them that others have expensive hobbies, and to each his/her own. Thankfully, my husband has his own "vices", so he doesn't make me justify my purchases :amuse:


Dec 22, 2006
You've got a point there Kore. And i'm building on the defense right now. My boyfriend is a golf pro and he had more cars than i can count, the last one was a Porsche Carrera....so...i think we onto something :smile:


clutch ho!
Dec 16, 2005
My husband has been pretty easygoing when it comes to my bags, he knows it's my thing and everyone has a thing. It's golf, cars and gizmos for him.

My friends took longer to understand untill one day we were shopping together and they kept finding bargain after bargain, items discounted here and there etc. I just bought one bag and in the end of the day they had all spent way more then me and went oh :oh: . That was 2 years ago and I still have my bag, none of their items survived the season.

As kore said, everyone has a vice and mine is bags :yes:


Too Addicted
Jan 30, 2006
Fantastic multiples? I'm pairing down to fewer bags, but I still have a large amount. And I'll buy more!

My mum really bugs me, and my bff questions me sometimes. I sort of get quiet. See, they're just as bad as I am with their own things. My mum buys a lot and then exchanges it. My best friend collects swords. My mum has a problem with my quantity, and my bff doesn't understand the price (well, he doesn't get the quantity either).

I should try to say what you do. "Everyone has their thing and this is mine." It's my hobby, and I collect bags. I need a proper collection!

I hate when people don't understand.

My blog's tag line is : “Handbag desire is a lustful orientation, it’s a woman’s right to more bags”
Jun 16, 2006
Try telling my husband that, notblushing! LOL I got him the XBox 360 for Christmas and I doubt that I'll see him for a month!

I just got my very first designer purse this Christmas. I LOVE IT! :smile: And I'm sure I will save up and buy myself more expensive purses in the future...though I have to fight my urge to buy things for my other hobby/business - beads and metals!!! lol But I do love my new Coach purse and wallet.