A woman's Image !

  1. What if *average men or women*controlled the power of media on females, do you think women would be thinner, curvier, healthier than today's images ?
  2. i might say there will be fuller body and bigger boobs for sure LOL

    but seriously, i think that women fear what other women think about them rather than men think about them.
    what do u think?
  3. From what I've observed of most heterosexual men's tastes; definitely curvier (particularly up top! :graucho: ).

    I hate to say it, but if that meant more Scarlett Johansson types and less skeletal anorexics (naming no names!), that would be a very good thing!

  4. I think you are probably right and I think that some women are actually threatened by other women's curves and that is what makes them prefer other women to be less curvy.

    There is also the, heavily used, argument that because many male fashion designers are gay; they prefer women to look like adolescent boys. Whether this is true, or not, I'm not sure - as a lot of gay men seem to appreciate curvy, '50s film star style women like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell.
  5. I definitely think women would be curvier!!

    It's such a shame that the media just keeps showing us women that have bodies like my 10 year old brother.

    Although....isn't "Dove" using curvier models now? That at least is a step in the right direction.

  6. Yes! :yes: In their 'Campaign for Real Beauty'.

    I don't really expect that most fashion designers and film directors will ever use really real (if you KWIM!) women in their shows/films; but just a return to the healthy, female physique of models like Cindy Crawford, would be a huge improvement.

    As well as encouraging eating disorders in the very young, I think the use of skeletal models actually makes many women fatter, because they look at these people and think; 'well, even if I wanted to, I could never look like that, without killing myself' and they just give up, altogether.

    At least '80s and early '90s models' figures were more attainable.
  7. Love this question!!!

    Curvier and less ashamed and self-conscious. I know there are days when I feel great, and I get to work and hear a woman who is a size 2 say how she could never pull off skinny pants because she is 'too big'. That makes me look down at my skinny pant.. and wonder.... WHAT THE HELL was I thinking?!

    But really... face it- most of us are the 'average' man/woman (just by meaning we aren't on the big screen in the media's eye) and I know I am affected by how they portray beautiful

  8. Unless that woman is 4' 6", or under, she must have a, very serious, self esteem problem and/or eating disorder, IMO! :wtf:
  9. i think i love to see varieties of women's body on the media, which is happening quite a lot these days. they are the super skinnies models (which i think are born this way, please don't blame them for their metabolism too, they worked their ass off in this business), there's the curvy women like jlo, jolie, beyonce. there's athletic like j.gardner, all the beuatiful tennis players now.

    and to be said that i'm honestly like the skinny boyish girls is because i had that body type, i'm not curvy and although i ate more than my friends, i can't get fatter. and i like to see the skinny girls because i can see my image in there and will know what and what's not look good on me.

    and not all designer's are into skinny boyish types, i love how roberto cavalli designs his dress for curvy women.

  10. I don't think anyone is criticising naturally thin women, or saying that they shouldn't be models!

    However, from what I've heard, from the harrowing stories of ex-models, most of them are not naturally thin; despite what the fashion industry would have you believe.

    Even the ones who are, are unlikely to be that thin (skeletal), surely!

    My friend is naturally thin, but she looks positively curvy compared with some of those girls!

    Roberto Cavalli (love his stuff!) may indeed design for curvy women, but he doesn't show his designs on curvy women; or even a mixture of curvy and skinny women.

    When I say curvy, BTW, I mean a size 4, or 6; which can hardly be considered medically overweight for a 5'8" + model.

    Actually, I think it's a true sign of the times that we are describing women who are on the lower side of normal, or even slightly underweight, as 'curvy'!!! :lol:

    Incidentally, in the UK, they describe UK size 12 (US size 6) models, as 'outsize'!

    I'm 5'8" and this size and I can't help but feel slightly offended! :lol:
  11. Are you kidding? Curvier? No way! How many men out there are salivating over Mary-Kate Olsen or Nicole Richie or Victoria Beckham? The current trend cannot be blamed on guys.

    Men like tits and ass-Shakira, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, etc. Hell, look at the women in Playboy where the majority of the readership is male, and compare those women to the women in Cosmo, where the majority of the readership is female.

    It's women promoting this unhealthy skeletor look, not the Man.
  12. Right on, Megs! Ditto all the way. I've had that happen to me too at work :Push:

    There was some study out there (wish I could find it!) which showed how people in general (I'm using verrry general terms) are getting bigger in height/weight, but the average model's measurements are at the same time shrinking!

    So yes, I agree, but I don't see it changing anytime soon.
  13. I think, women dresses for other women, and wanting to be "skinner" than other women.
  14. I blame Twiggy.....

    okay I am kidding but trends change all the time. I think the reality is that clothes display (not LOOK but Display) better on models that are rail thin (like a hanger).

    I think Dove's new campaign is fabulous. Its a step in the right direction.
  15. :yes: I agree. Most women dont dress to impress men but to look better than other women.