a wild idea...

  1. so LV probably would turn this idea down, but what does everyone think of a vernis trouville? the monogram trouville and the MC styled trouville are a little different and i like the MC styling better (more hardware and more structured) but i would settle for a vernis in the regular mono style. what does everyone think of this? ooh, in pomme... :drool:
  2. no one has any thoughts or opinions on this? :sad:
  3. It would look fantastic. I think the reade is a bit too open for me.
  4. That sounds so pretty! I'd love it if LV came out with a vernis speedy too! I'd buy it in any color! EVERY color, really, if I can afford it. One can dream, right? :p
  5. they would make a killing if they came out with more vernis items in the traditional mono styles, but that's just mho.
  6. lol I don't (try to) think of "unrealistic" stuff or things that LV won't make for me cuz it causes WAY TOO MUCH MENTAL SUFFERING!!! lol
  7. Sounds pretty!
  8. I think it would look WAY cute!
  9. mmmm nice idea :smile:
  10. they would make a killing if they made more of EVERYTHING!! lol
  11. I'd buy it in a minute. Two probably!
  12. A vernis trouville sounds VERY nice!
  13. I'd like it :yes:
  14. I'd buy that. I wish there was a meduim sized Vernis bag in pomme. The reade is too small for me, the bedford's cute but not sure I like the strap length, houston & brentwood are big imo, roxbury's cute, too but I just want another shape. whine whine! lol
  15. I'd buy one!