A whole SLEW of fakes just arrived...

I am not too familiar with Chanel items..

what are the signs you look for in spotting a fake? I am starting think of purchasing one and would DEFINITELY hope I won't end up with a fake..
I've been very frustrated lately when I go to look for Chanels on Ebay. It is just page after page of fakes! I don't understand. It didn't used to be like that. I thought Ebay monitored this fairly closely. And it makes me angry when I see people bidding hundreds of dollars on fake bags. How can those sellers live with themselves?
^^^I noticed these too! I check ebay all the time for a cambon because I don't want to miss out on one & it is just ridiculous looking through all the fakes. There are entire pages you have to skip through before you see anything that might even resemble an authentic Chanel. It is very frusterating. I really wish ebay would watch for these. Who would sell a Chanel multi pocket for $110 when it retails for over $2000...come on now...who hates Chanel that much!
Oh man, I hate people with their listing tools that flood eBay ! It's the worst with Vuitton, you always hit a patch of pages upon pages of fakes when browsing. Boo eBay, pretty blatant signs of sketchy business yet nothing is done !