A Whole Lotta Kelly!

  1. I took this pic from a moving car so it's a wee bit blurry...

  2. That Kelly is so big and cute! I wonder if it is for sale and if so, how much.:shame:
  3. how DEE LISH USS.
  4. omg. I wanna live, work and be buried in it.

  5. Well, they DID say big bags are in for fall...
  6. LMAO! :biggrin::flowers:
  7. Where was this taken? Just curious.....
  8. shopmom; that's the new Hermes store in Vancouver, Canada...
  9. Ohhh. Pretty impressive!!!!
  10. That is MASSIVE!!!! Wow it is sooo big! But sooo beautiful!
  11. very cool pic!
  12. LOVE IT!!! Just the best for a window decoration. Impressive!!!
  13. ok if that will be my tent i am willed to camp in the wilderness :smile:
  14. If it takes 2 whole days (was that right?) to create a regular sized bag, it must have taken them months to create that bag!