a whole lot of clothes vs. one bag?

  1. if they cost the same, would you guys rather have a whole load of clothes that you love or one single bag which you love equally?

    just daydreaming about how im going to reward myself when i finish my finals....:p all-nighters are good for that kind of dreamin'..
  2. I'd rather have the load of clothes because evertime I wear something new I get excited, so this way the excitement lasts longer. BUT... clothes might only last for a couple of years while a well made handbag will last a long time.

    I think I'd still pick the clothes :smile:
  3. I'll take a whole load of clothes over one bag.
  4. clothes! unfortunately i have to make that decision every month :sad: if only I can have loads of new clothes AND a new handbag!
  5. That would be a hard choice!

    If its a reward for yourself, I'd go for the bag, because you can keep it forever and it will be a reminder of how hard you worked (and also a reminder of how it all paid off when you get top grades!)
  6. Absolutely the bag-because I have always gone for a few good things, and the longer I live in this neck of the woods the further away clothes (that I love) seem to be, because there is no place to find them, and no one wears them, inc. me-most everyone I know admits to having lost the keen interest we once had in clothes...alas we don't live in Manhattan anymore!
  7. That's tough. I'd rather have one bag that I love versus a lot of clothes that I'm never going to wear, but... this month, I spent enough to buy a bag on clothes that I love.
  8. Great question, I had to answer that last month and chose clothes.
  9. A whole load of clothes, of course! With a generous sprinkling of enchanting and Inspired bags to go with them! :smile:
  10. Looks like I'm the odd one out here:shame: ...I'd take one new bag unless I was really in dire need of new clothing.
  11. i agree with you, kate. i would definitely take the one bag even if it isn't exactly practical.
  12. As of right now I would do the bag, just got a bunch of great clothes, now I want a new bag soon.......
  13. Ohhhhhhhhh I struggle with that issue all the time but sort of in a different way.
    It goes back and forth in my head but then I always settle on the idea that a bag would be so much more worth it because I don't spend a lot of money on my outdoor clothes (as a Muslim living in the west I dress very much like girls in saudi arabia and the other gulf countries, all I need for going outdoors are some nice "abayahs" black cloaks, some have a bit of beading on them here and there, and my shaylahs - matching chiffon rectangular headscarves)
    Handbags and shoes are definately what I want to spend the money on when it comes to outdoor wear, if I'm going to buy clothes it's going to be indoor wear whether it be a skirt, blouse, dress pants, dresses..etc.
  14. Probably a whole lot of clothes.. clothes are actually my #1 passion. You can mix and match and create dozens of outfits. A purse can be a great complement, but you'll only have that one thing, compared to a whole bunch of new goodies to play around with
  15. Definitely a great bag. Something you wouldn't buy ordinarily to commerate the end! Have fun!