A whole day out with NO BAG!!!

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  1. OMG reality has just hit...I am going to Alton Towers (UK theme park) on Friday with my brother and I will not be able to take a handbag!!! I haven't been since I was at school, when I didn't routinely carry a handbag, so this didn't occur to me before now. But if I took a bag I would have to put it down (where it could get swiped!) to go on rides. I am going to feel naked!!! :wtf: And how am I going to fit everything (that I don't want to put down) in my (very small) pockets?!

    Has anyone else had to go without a handbag for a WHOLE DAY OUT?! How was it??
  2. I have and I have to say its a wonderful feeling!!! Nothing to worry about, you can play and not be worried about a thing! I carried my lipsgloss and thats about it! (Dh had his wallet, so no cash needed) espcially going where you are, I would LOVE not having bag!! Now if it was a night out I would lose my mind. ENJOY it!!!
  3. I would wear a pair of those cute cargo pants with a bunch of velcro or snap pockets. You can carry lipstick, money and sunglasses, at least. Just breathe deeply....you can do it!
  4. Can't take a little messenger bag -- a tiny one, cross body?
  5. Now you see if I had some I could!!! The only trousers I have with appropriate (tight) pockets are jeans - they need to be tight or things might fall out when the rides go upside down! And because you're going upside down I don't think they let you take messenger bags on with you either!

    Tenner says I spend the day going "OMG where's my bag?! Oh yeah..." :P
  6. I usually bring a coach wristlet with me to theme parks cause it can hold my cell, money, credit card, and lip gloss. And they dont say anything to you bringing a little wristlet with you and its so small you can carry it on the rides with you or put it in your back pocket on the roller coaster.
  7. Or secure it using your belt loops on your jeans whilst you're on the rides.
  8. I always bring my ratty old camo backpack. Big enough to carry everything, ugly enough so no one wants to steal it. :P
  9. When I go to theme parks I usually carry around one of those cinch sack backpack things. Adidas makes them.. or even old navy did a few years back.. haha, those are the ones I carry in particular. That way I don't give a damn if it gets swiped, but whenI go on rides i just wear it on my front.. that way I have my stuff withme.
  10. Let's not forget the ever so stylish "fanny packs" either! :roflmfao:
  11. Perhaps this is one day when you ~should~ stuff your bra....with money and tictacs. *s
  12. i have a coach swing pack that fits my essentials and i carry that...
    : )
  13. I normally take my waterproof coat with me which has zipper pockets and just put the essentials in there!
  14. I brought my denim cabas when I went to Six Flags just recently. It held up quite well still looks new. I usually take a small messenger though, have to have hands free for that kind of thing :smile:
  15. It's an awkward feeling. I've been there. And believe me.. I feel like I'm incomplete for the whole day without a handbag. :/