A WHITE bottega bag - what are your thoughts?

  1. Would I be nuts to get a white BV woven bag? I just think it would look so crisp and white in the summer. But is it a waste?

    Does anyone here have a white BV? How do they hold up?

    Any thoughts ladies?:shrugs:
  2. I'm kind of afraid of white bags in general since you can get them dirty easily(i.e. pen marks). The white BV woven bags do look tempting though!
  3. I love the look, but for myself it would be a lost cause. I'm a stain magnet. They always look so nice on others, though. Even more than the white, I love the cream color, whatever BV calls it.
  4. The ones I have seen on eBay always look yellowish with the description saying it has yellowed over time/use.

    Not sure if that could be prevented if sprayed with protectant.
  5. Okay - I guess i'll just wait for a noche or a ebano.
  6. I waited and waited for a white woven BV bag to come into my local store and finally (actually with the help of another wonderful PFer) I had the last one sent in for me. It was gorgeous.

    Once I actually had it, I couldn't wear it! It was too white, too delicate- I was afraid to put it down or brush it against my clothes, or just plain use it! I stared and admired it:tender: ,and in the end, bravely returned it. For me, it wasn't practical at all.

    Now, I did recently purchase another white bag-(I was determined to have one this summer), and I purchased a Tods Miky Easy Media Handbag. I love it, and the leather is much tougher. I've been using it a lot lately.
    0434863083823_CWHITE_275x275.jpg p11253759_ph_hero.jpg
  7. I wouldn't get an expensive white bag, just a cheaper one that I could wear worry-free.
  8. There's a white and an off white veneta on bluefly! Go grab em girls! =)
  9. Humm - an eggshell? Where?
  10. I have a white BV wallet and it holds pretty well.
  11. i was tempted to buy the large veneta in white but i settled for the off-white one since it is not as noticeable if u get it dirty...yesterday i actually got makeup on it but the coach leather cleaner took it right off. the advantage of the off-white is it is more an all-seasons color.
  12. ^^Hummm - off white...??
    How long have you had yours I-bags? How has it held up?
  13. i think white is totally hot! as long as youre carefull with it it will look so fantastic this summer!