A Whale of a Tale (roflmao)


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
Boca Raton, Fl
Hi Ladies and Guys! well, the silver baby whale Coco Cabas story has come to a happy ending...........I returned her today and she cheerfully joined a sister whale on the shelf at NMs, waiting for a gorgeous tall long-legged mommy who will appreciate her more than my shrimpy self did, and who will not make her look like a purse with a head............ My new vinyl Coca Cabas is winding its way down to me from Saks in Bala Cynwood courtesy of a marvelous, sympathetic PF'er who is an SA there....and I am thrilled....should arrive day after tomorrow............You all have been wonderful...we have had laughs and your advice was comforting and wise.

Everyone have a great and safe and happy New Years and may we all be blessed with what our hearts desire, in the New Year...but most importantly, good health, inner peace, love of friends, family, and significant others..................and purses that are not bigger than us ;)


hugs, Claudia



Nov 8, 2006
I was following a couple of the threads about your bag woes. Congrats on locating the bag that you wanted. How great is tPF in helping you locate it!!! Happy New Year!!!