A Western Flair this F/W? Like it?

  1. Does anyone here get the catalog Boston Proper?
    I just got mine and it's FULL of beautiful western style clothes! Great jeans, belts and boots!

    I hadn't noticed this really being a 'trend' this year although in my opinion, it's always in sort of, maybe just updated each season.

    Anyone else like it?

    Maybe I'll post a few pics of the things I like.
  2. [​IMG]LOVE that belt!

    [​IMG]cute boots for long skirts!

    [​IMG]sexy fitted denim shirts

    Also, seems like military inspired is hot in this catalog.
  3. That's so bizarre you posted this, Swanky. When I went home at lunch I got the mail and there was a Boston Proper catalog in the box. I'd never even heard of them before and didn't get a chance to look at it when I was home. I'll definitely have a look when I get out of my "cell" here. I love a suggestion of Western, but no cowboy hats, thank you!

    Fourteen minutes and counting.:nuts:
  4. I like their clothes and I love the western theme!
  5. i love country music and country clothing! thanks for the post, swanky, i might just have to check it out!
  6. I really like that last jacket.
  7. ^isn't that hot!?
    I'nm too short, it'd look like a duster on me! LMBO!
  8. I think Boston Proper has been boho-Western for a while.

    That said, I'm crying my eyes out over the Frye Villager boots. I love this boot, and there is no way I could handle that heel (3").

    Frye Villager ...

    Boo hoo hoo!! :crybaby:
  9. oooh, those are the ones I posted!! You could wear those!!
    I SO want those!

    Where do you buy your Frye goods? Any place w/ great deals?
  10. Hey, Swanky.

    My favorite seller of Frye shoes and boots (and Lucchese western footwear, as well) is Grapevinehill. Since they deal in closeouts and overstock, you won't find this season's latest styles, but you can get some killer deals on some of the standards and on recent-past hotties.

    They have a website - grapevinehill.com - where everything is discounted off retail, and the also sell on eBay (user i.d. "grapevinehill"). Often they'll start their eBay auctions at a penny, so if you're patient and persistant, you can get a screamin' deal at the auctions. I've purchased half a dozen pairs of shoes from GVH and never a problem - first quality shoes (unless noted as seconds) and great Customer Service.

    They carry other brands, as well: Pliner, Doc Martin, Ugg, Harley-Davidson, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren Polo, etc.

    Hide your credit card and check it out! :lol:

  11. Dear Fryedaze, don't rule out the Frye Villager Lace because of the heel quite yet. I have two pairs of this boot. My first pair in distressed brown I bought last Fall and I loved them for the boho look. I just bought a new pair in dark espresso brown at the Nordstrom sale, so I let my younger sister take my first pair.

    The boots are wonderful. The heel is 3" but they are so sturdy I find them really easy to wear (not like 3" pumps). For anyone who is interested, please know that this styke runs 1/2 too large. This is a fact. Even the Nordstrom website suggests ordering 1/2 size smaller.

    Love this look (without the hat):

  12. It is! I'm sure you could get it hemmed if it ended up being too long.
  13. Oh Man! I went to Nords today and saw those swanky lace-ups! They had 3 colors and they were TDF!!!
    I HAVE to have those!:yes:
  14. yeah, I agree that Boston Proper has always had a western-boho style to it.

    Cute clothes - love the catalogue...I've been ordering from it off and on a good 6 years or so!