A Weird Conversation...

  1. I ran to LV store this afternoon. Well, it is pretty quiet there maybe because it's Tuesday. Since my SA quited her job, I have not found a good SA yet (if anyone has a good recommendation of AZ LV SA, please let me know).

    Anyway, I want to get a T&B mini pouch. So a nice middle-aged guy walked to me, and I told him what I am looking for. Then he told me that they don't have it anymore. So, I thought while I am in the store, I could try BH and BV to see which one looks better on me. I asked him, well, here is the whole conversation---

    Me: Could I try Batignolles Verticle?
    Him (with a strong Spain accent): sure (handle me a horizontal)

    Me: Oh, I'd like to try the verticle.
    Him: This is Batignolles (handle me the verticle).
    Me: That is a horizontal, right? (I pointed the other one)
    Him: That is Batignolles. (a little louder)

    At this moment, I don't want to say anything anymore. After I hand the bag back to him. :nogood:

    Him: This is the verticle, and that is horizontal. (pointed)

    Well, what a nice lesson! He made me looks like a fool in the quiet store.

    Does this conversation make any sense to you guys? Or there are some misunderstanding between us. :confused1:
  2. Interesting. There are 3 different sizes, maybe he was confused, himself. Not everyone knows which direction horizontal and vertical go lol.
  3. :blink::lol:

    kinda funny picturing this
  4. LOL.. I had a similar situation with a SA recently. I asked about the new mirage line and for whatever reason she thought I was talking about the patchwork speedy lol... I could not get her to understand what I was talking about. I kept saying "the new mirage line" and she kept pointing to the patchwork speedy. Oh well.. sometimes I think we know more than the SAs.
  5. I guess so! :yes:

  6. That is very true :p
  7. stupid SA!
  8. EXACTLY! It happened to me a few times that the SAs didn't know their products well and made me look like I am stupid and no way I'd know more than they do.:cursing:
  9. Lol!!!
  10. Happens all the time...
  11. With my last purchase at Saks in Dallas the SA was so nice but I felt like I knew more than her. I asked her to see a Noe and she looked at me funny and the went to the back. She came back with nothing and asked me what it looked like and returned to the back. She came back with nothing and then asked me to point it out in the catalog. I told my husband that I felt like I knew more than her!
  12. LOL, weird!
  13. haha...that is an odd conversation! I wouldn't know how to react!
  14. Lol, that is hilarious. You were teaching him!
  15. Seems you know more than he does. Kind of a funny incident nonetheless.