a weekender appears in sienna miller's "factory girl"

  1. anybody noticed the black weekender carry in sienna's arm in one scene of where she took her friends to buy warhol's art in the factory?
    is the stylist love the b bags so much until he/she decides to forget the "time" rule? :roflmfao:
  2. sea, would love to see movie. i saw andy warhol once before he died. i will keep my eyes out for bal bag.
  3. chausse u've met him??? what a lucky gal?
    i like his works, my bf hates him because he thinks warhol's too commercial :p
    i kinda sad seeing the movie, it turns my whole perpectibe about warhol :crybaby:
  4. can't wait to see the film!! :p thanks sea :heart:
  5. i'm trying to find a photo of the film stills..
    will be back :yes:
  6. Sea, that's sooo funny!!!

    I've been seeing photo's of her everywhere these days with her le dix.
  7. [​IMG]


  8. OMG, that's so funny! :lol:
  9. wow sea, thank you... it looks huge on her !! :yes: :nuts:
  10. GREAT detective work SEA!
  11. i know! :wtf:
    i considered my self small with 5'4" and only 85 lbs, but i don't think my weekenders look that huge on me...
    but maybe because mine is slouchier, and that one is so stiff and new!
  12. You saw him!!!!!!! OMG! My dad collects his art work!!!
  13. I think that is wrong...to have that bag in a period movie....makes me not even want to see it anymore....totally and completely ruins the mood....
  14. is it a men's? due to the silver HW and the long straps?
  15. What year was this movie supposed to be set in? I haven' seen any previews for it yet.