A wee reveal

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  1. Anyone around for a small reveal, put your sunnies on, she's a bright one!
  2. Yeay live reveal
  3. Here goes.....
    DSC07246.JPG DSC07247.JPG
  4. Ta-da!
    DSC07248.JPG DSC07249.JPG DSC07252.JPG
  5. It's the saffiano vernic wallet.
    I just love her, sooo red & shiny & love the black piping on edges for contrast
  6. How beautiful! Congrats to your new purchase!

    Unique black corners! Would porpably fit perfectly to a black saffiano :biggrin:
  7. Nice...
  8. congrats!! love the red;)
  9. Stunning!!
  10. Classic!! Congrats - it's a stunner!!!
  11. Really cool Love the black edge!!
  12. Thanks girls, I'm besotted with her
  13. Stunning wallet! Congrats!
  14. Stunning color!
  15. Love love love the red with the black accent!!