a way to wear the 2008 cadena on your birkin

  1. I got my 2008 lotus cadena yesterday; it's really pretty...I wanted to put it on my Birkin, so I found if you slip the cadena over the turnlock, then turn the turnlock so it's sideways, this will hold the cadena on (barring wild bag swings a la the Jane Birkin Stomp).

    2008 cadena lotus gold3.jpg
  2. Pretty!!
  3. brilliant idea! :biggrin:
  4. Oh, how cool.... so it won't fit through the "regular" hole"? Does it fit the Kelly in the normal way? Thanks for the info!!
  5. that is really pretty!
  6. kate, cool! thanks for sharing!
  7. Katel, Clever!
  8. Clever and beautiful, rolled into one. :tup:
  9. Nice! Thanks for posting!
  10. great idea!!
  11. super clever! love it!
  12. it is so pretty!
  13. Ok.....THIS is FANTASTIC! (I may have to get me one of those......so pretty!)
  14. Gorgeous and good idea!
  15. clever idea!