A way to keep the Neverfull closed...

  1. if you like charms...then when you want to open it, you just unhook one side of the charm! It works better than tying the straps, which stretches the leather I think...:idea:

    I don't know if anyone has already posted it, but I thought I'd share!
  2. Omg That Suck A Good Idea!!!
  3. I LOVE that idea. I am going to get some really cute ones now :smile: thanks!
  4. i don't own a neverfull, but that's a cute idea for those of us who do own one! great idea!
  5. Very cute idea!
  6. Won't the eventual oxidation of the metal stain the vachetta? Just a thought but I LVoe this charm!
  7. What a great idea!!!:tup:
  8. Very cool idea!
  9. fab idea! :tup:
  10. That's a great idea!!! I wonder if I could use my Juicy Couture charms to close both sides of my Neverfull? I'll go try it!!! Thx!!!
  11. Love that!

    *must buy cute charms now!*
  12. Such A Great Idea!
  13. great idea!! Thanks for sharing, even tho I dont onw a neverfull, yet!
  14. Love that idea!
  15. Great idea!