A way to get around outlet shipping prices?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever asked about this: you know how if you do a phone order w/ an outlet they charge you full price for the item? What if you did a charge-send to buy the item, then when it arrived brought it to your local coach outlet- do you think they would give you a price adjustment to the outlet price? It would seem to make sense to me because otherwise you could just return it for full price, then buy it back at the outlet price. Thats what they would have to sell your return to someone else for anyways, right?

    Thoughts? I wonder if they would do this- it makes sense. Somehow I doubt it though.

    I ask b/c I am going crazy for the leather belted ergo tote. It drives me nuts that just b/c my outlet didnt get it in (when some others did) I should have to pay full price.
  2. Can't you do a charge/send from the outlet that has it to your outlet for the same price? I am almost POSITIVE you can do that!
  3. MOST outlets will do that :yes:
  4. But its only if an outlet in your "region" has the bag (is what i was told at my outlet). Since they dont, I cant do it.
  5. Man it's crazy how varied the rules are from outlet to outlet... Some won't do it at all (some in PA have been said), some will do it from some outlets, and others will do it anywhere. I wish the policies were consistent...