a warning to those traveling: they'll throw away your makeup!

  1. i flew to Atlanta from Denver yesterday, right after the bomb scare in England, and i didn't know until i got the the airport that liquids wouldn't be allowed in carry-ons. i carried on all my luggage for the trip, so i had everything i brought with me. i gave my bottled water to the person that took me to the airport, but i didn't even THINK that my makeup would be restricted - it honestly didn't occur to me that that was a liquid.

    well when i got through security, they put my bag through the xray machine, and then a security guard took my makeup case out and went through it - when he was done, basically all i could keep was the handle to my razor (i had thrown the blade cartridge away before packing) if i wanted to carry on the bag. there was easily more than $300 of makeup in there, not to mention shampoo and things, and thankfully i had enough time to leave the line and go check my bag and get back through before my plane left, but beware ladies! don't forget to check whatever bag your makeup is in until they ease these restrictions, because i've heard since that a lot of airports weren't letting you leave line to check the bags, they were just throwing away your stuff.

    i just thought i'd give y'all a heads up: makeup certainly isn't cheap!
  2. Thanks for the warning! So much for having your makeup in a carry on in case luggage is lost, but I guess they've got to be extra conservative. The world is such a different place now. :sad:
  3. keep in mind that some makeup packagings might explode because of the low air pressure, soft lipgloss tubes like MAC lipgelee can easily come open... think twice before you pack your makeup, do you REALLY need it on your trip
  4. I flew from OC to Houston then to Tampa last night. I was warned to put all of my liquid items into my checked baggage. Sucked I didn't have my lipgloss or eyedrops. It was a "DRY" trip.
  5. Had a similar experience on Thursday...in the early am, heard no lipgloss, lotion, etc. on the television... So left lipgloss and lotion at home, put a lipstick and chapstick in my bag (day trip only)... At airport in am, security indicated lipstick and chapstick had to "go" (trash) as they were also "gel" (?) in nature...bags were handchecked again at plane gate... In pm, lipstick and chapstick were now okay (wish I could retrive mine from trash), but lipgloss was still a no...
  6. Hm... Do you think this will all be alright by next Thursday?? I'm flying to Atlanta and Wisconsin and I dont want my crap thrown away... but it's a business meeting, and i know it's shallow, but I can't look like sh*t in front of these people.
  7. i know. we're flying home a week from tomorrow (sunday) and i usually bring tons of purell plus drinks for the kids and of course my various lip balms, gloss, etc...i'm planning to call the airlines the day before and ask what the deal is then...can you pack your stuff in checked luggage luna or were you planning to only take carry ons?
  8. You can't carry on anything liquid...so no liquid foundation, eye drops, lip gloss, lotion, gels of any types, etc. I am not sure if my experience with lipstick (okay in the PM on Thursday) is consistent across the board... I so wanted to see any cosmetics vendor when I arrived at the Sacramento airport, but nothing but chapstick to be found...

  9. FedEx your makeup to yourself in care of your hotel.

    FedEx it back just before you leave. Call FedEx for a pickup at the front desk of the hotel.

    Pack an empty FedEx box and shipping labels in your suitcase for the return trip.

    I used to do this with business papers. They are so heavy.
  10. Not only the makeup but they are going to throw away any form of liquid including soap, lotion..etc. It's sad but right now the airport security is in the red zone so there's nothing we can do about carrying makeup.
  11. just to be clear, you can check whatever you want, the only restrictions are on carry-ons.

    the flight was already emotional for me (see my thread in general discussion) and people trying to throw away all my makeup really sent me in to full breakdown mode.
  12. I can think of two conditions that would make flying especially traumatic now:

    1. contact lenses -- no eyedrops??? That would be really hard, I guess I'd wear my glasses.

    2. Acne -- no concealor allowed with you at all??? Nightmare.
  13. I am really reconsidering joining my hubby in Bahrain cause I'd have to go through London. I don't know if I can take the hassle right now. I feel sorry for him when he comes back cause he has to come back through London. He already knows all he can have is his wallet on him. He also is going to have alot of electronic/music gear with him so he's in for a really long delay I'm afraid.
  14. just put a lipgloss in ur pocket... they arent going to frisk you
  15. i had a bottle of jo malone perfume in my purse that i completely forgot about and they didn't take it. i suppose they were looking specifically for cosmetic cases and they didn't notice it since it was separate.