A Warning & Thanks


Sep 17, 2008
Couple days ago I saw an ad in the DC Craigslist for an authentic GST w/ SHW on sale for $780. (should have known from the too good to be true price) I jumped at the ad called the lady who told me that that one already sold but she had the gold HW for the same price. I was excited and told her that I would like to take a look. We met today at the local mall but when I examined it, I knew it was fake-- inferior materials used for lining, subtle difference in the interlocking CC's on the zippers, and some other clues I don't want to mention for fear of these companies using the info to their advantage. When I told her I'm not taking the bag, she said she was sorry for wasting my time. I knew by the way she said this she herself knew this bag was fake.

When I came home to check the Craigslist again, she had another ad out for this very bag claiming that it is "real"!!!

I'm writing this post in order to warn dc area members of this unscrupulous person and her bags. (she had an ad out for a LV bag as well) If you decide to investigate this bag for yourself, or any other bags on any listing, please take time to have it authenticated by these lovely tPF ladies or better yet educate your selves as not to get swindled.

Lastly, I wanted to thank all you wonderful ladies who have over the years shared your knowledge and love of these bags with me. I learned so much from all of you and you helped me save some money and a big disappointment today.


Aug 23, 2011
So glad that you avoided being scammed. I was scammed on a Birkin purchase but fortunately I got my money back via PayPal. It was such a horrible feeling. You shoud post the link to the tpf section that tracks those scenarios.
Nov 21, 2011
Thanks for informing us.. and a big thank you too to the rest of the TPFers who has shared their knowledge and expertise with us.. :heart: