A warning re Wait Lists

  1. Hi all,

    I just thought I'd put this out there....today I called to waitlist for the Dentelle speedys and I had originally called 2 days ago and waitlisted but I wanted to speak with my regular SA to be sure. Turns out I wasn't put on the list 2 days ago (they input another customer) and they had erased my patchwork waitlist. All is good now.....but I just wanted to caution people to stay on top of their SAs in case something like this happens! I'll be calling again in the first week of February to get updated regarding their shipments and to re-confirm my waitlist.
  2. Oh, good to know....thanks! When you refer to the Dentelle speedy is that the patchwork denim speedy?

    Thanks! :yes:
  3. oh great. lovely. thanks for the heads up. that's pretty crappy. glad it worked out for you tho.

    the dentelle is the mono with lace overlay, not patchwork insanity.
  4. Actually she is referring two different speedys. The denim patchwork is one, and the other other color is like a light color I believe, it is a brand new color for the speedy.
  5. lol thanks photo! I'd just hate for this to happen to someone else! I mean fortunately my SA had originally waitlisted me for the denim patchwork and I'm sure had I called in February he would've bumped me to the top....but nonetheless it's a PITA
  6. Yes...two different speedys. The denim patchwork is a denim speedy coming in two colors: grey & blue. Dentelle is a monogram speedy with a metallic lace overlay, with the lace overlay coming in two different colors: silver & gold.
  7. Thanks for the tip twiggers,I told my SA to put me down for the PleatyXXL this afternoon.Looks like that bag will be a one shot deal like the Mizi,Klara etc.
  8. You really should keep on top of them, sometimes the lists get "changed" & your name can get shuffled or lost. A VIP will almost always get bumped up at the cost of others.
  9. I will definately. I called yesterday to check on my Azur Speedy, but SA wasn't in, and I felt like I'd be bugging. So, today I called and put my name down for the MC coeur. I will call next week and talk to right SA and check up on everything. Actually, I will call once a week till they arrive...haha..
  10. Last time I waitlisted with the store director and it worked. Another time (not with him) it didn't. Go to the top lol!
  11. Yea the waitlists are tricky. My regular SA apologized for the other SAs mistake and put me back on top...thaankfully! But if I didn't have a good relationship with him....who knows!
  12. that happened to me with the miroir bags...but I just asked to be on the list like a week before they came out...I talked to my SA about this and surprisingly I was first to get the miroir papillon (silver) :shrugs:
  13. oh how can this happen
  14. I know cherry! I plan on staying on top of him...calling and confirming my position on the list (#1 for the patchwork), etc.
  15. Is the Dentelle a LE line, or will they be around for awhile? The BH is making me want to break my ban... I'm wondering if I should call to get on a waitlist. I don't have a local LV, so how would that work?