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  1. I am not going to go into too much detail incase I have to sell these again but I wanted to vent and let some of you know since you do business on ebay about a particular seller. As most of you know I have a pretty large collection of CL's and just got the strass shoe for my wedding. I needed to sell a couple other pairs that weren't I need these now. I posted pics here as well of one of the ones I parted with when I thought I would keep them. Well I got them from a boutique and you know the sucky return policy there so I put them on ebay. Well sweetestdealz got them and was fast in payment but the rest was downhill. I sold them for 50% off for brand new. I only tried them on w the sock trick to see if sizing was correct. They had never been worn and never touched the ground except carpet.

    Well I only offered ground shipping so she was pissed about that. Then she demanded 3 day priority to which I said ok just to be nice and payed for it for her and then another message from her *****ing about the tracking number and why she hadn't gotten it when it was there the whole time. She basically attacked me and gave me a two sense when I mentioned I was sick. She is the rudest person I have ever dealt with on ebay. So she gets her shoes and because they didn't come Fri since Atl had a snow storm and we don't have the right trucks to salt the roads she starts up again how she couldn't wear them to a party. So the snow was my fault too. So she gets the shoes and wants to return them for a full refund after all of that. She says they look like someone's feet was in them cause of the small dirt that was near the toe box and that the python was scaling off, as python does!

    It looks like she is going to return them cause she has made up so much to ebay but can't offer any photos for proof btw. I have a feeling these shoes are gonna come back to me destroyed. Not to mention that this "girl" signs her name a girl but ebay said it was a dude's account and his name and address as the owner. Anyways not to mention I got a call from the boutique I bought it from saying she was trying to return them over the phone cause I gave her the receipt as proof they were real. I marked out my CC info and name so she couldn't do it but even pretending to be me is ridiculous. I feel in no way shape or form I should owe her anything. I know 100% those shoes were perfect when I shipped them as they are in my pictures. I would never take bad care of a shoe when I think I might where it if I can't sell it. That makes no sense. She is a dumb person who has no idea how python is and the material. I am just so upset over this cause I catered to her and upgrated her shipping for free and even said I would take off another $200. That is my story and I am nervous to see how they come back to me. I hate that ebay only really looks at one side and 90% of the time a refund is what they do. I have no idea what to do and this has cost me time and money too. Anyone know of anything I can do especially if the shoes come back damaged?
  2. I agree with you, the policy almost always favors the buyers, which a lot of the time is great, but when you have people like this, then it becomes horrible.
  3. Do you have a return policy which was detailed on your listing?
  4. I am so sorry to hear this. Buyers are a real pain, but this takes the cake. make sure you take photos when they come back to you and call paypal immediately if something is off. Good luck!
  5. Ugh..such a crappy story..and I'm sorry you have to deal with such a jerk of a person.
    This is one of the reasons why I don't like evil~bay so much anymore..demanding, overbearing dishonest people who ruin it for the rest of the great friendly people that are on there.
  6. Unfortunately that means little or nothing these days!
  7. Touche - buyers do seem to run the show and do whatever the hey they want because they know that eBay will side with them 9 times out of 10.
  8. I am sorry to hear that OP, I really love the shoes you been selling...hope everything will end up happy
  9. sorry your dealing with a pyscho b.itch

    I would call her out and tell her your aware that she tried to impersonate you and that you could report her to the authorities.
    I wouldnt offer her no discount and wouldnt return them
  10. Ouch, I would have made a copy of the receipt, not given her(him?) the only one you had... chances are she might not return it with the shoes... and then you have NO way to prove they are real...
  11. yeah not my smartest move but she was so interested and wanting them i figured they would work out. luckiliy since it is a boutique she can't return them. they only do store credit and it has to be 7 days after. it's been a month.

    i said no returns and double ur money back if fake cause obviouslly there weren't. she kept saying how NEW shoes wouldn't look like this and look like they have been worn. My question is how? If I wore them to get my mail you could easily tell cause the bottom starts getting white on it plus gravel. These were bright red never been walked on except carpet. I never even took modeling shots when i thought i was gonna keep them. Then she is so dumb w the python comment. Python scales are not like leather and not flat. They have a 3d flaky appearance.

    Can I file w paypal for anything? I am guessing ebay will side with her since that is what they do. I've been on the phone all morning w them.
  12. Well if you said no returns on the auction, then the buyer should have zero recourse. Simply end communication with the buyer at this point, as she sounds like an idiot, and tell her that you have tried to be as helpful as possible, but there are no returns allowed. Period. Be done. Then, notify eBay of the situation and explain to them that you clearly stated NO RETURNS in your listing. How can eBay really argue with that??
  13. Did you take a picture of the bottom of the shoe and show that in your

  14. yup and she never complained about that. on one hand she said they aren't new cause there is a footprint in the shoe from when someone tried it on but in my pics there is nothing that shows. then on the other hand she said they look worn but where ur foot goes not the bottom? It makes no sense. The bottom would be worn no iffs or butts about it. My feet never touched them wout a sock and they are clean as well as when i got them. Then she claimed a stain on the rt one which is the one i did a close up on! There is nothing. She must have never gotten python before because it isn't smooth. I think she is looking for a way out, has been since day one with her over demanding comments and mentioning more than once for the original receipt even after i told her multiple times I would ship it to her w the shoes. Ugh....I know someone will buy them but it's the worry of how they will be returned to me. And ebay is no help whatsoever. Don't even ask her for any proof, meanwhile i have proof, but they don't want it.
  15. It absolutely doesn't matter whether you say no returns in your listing or not - ebay/Paypal don't care, it will not hold up with them in the case of a dispute unfortunately - i don't know why they even offer the option in the listing page...
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