A Warning about Lexol Cleaner Wipes


May 29, 2008
I'm a big fan of the conditioner (which I have in the spray bottle) so when some heathen got a pen mark on my Avocado French Nanny, the Lexol cleaner was naturally the first thing I thought of.

I picked up the wipes yesterday as that was all the local car shop had, and I tried to remove the mark tonight.

It removed the dye, instead. I didn't freak, at first, because a little due always comes off with the conditioner. There is a bald spot where I used the wipe, and the pen mark remains.

I will get pics up for you all this weekend, but I wanted to throw this out there in case some poor soul decided to buy them as well.

A few things:

Yes, I followed the directions.
No, I did not rub hard.
I've only tried the cleaner wipes, and have no experience with the spray bottle.

I am sad, and also royally peeved. I didn't expect the pen mark to go away, to be honest, but I also didn't expect to see the white underbelly of my barely-used bag.


Aug 20, 2006
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Oh my gosh, Beeb, that's terrible! I wonder if you can re-dye it with that Tarrago (or whatever it's called) if they have the same color available?


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Feb 26, 2008
Butterfly had the same problem with the cleaner!!!

Sounds like we need to stay far far away!!!!

Apple makes a cleaner and I've used Coach cleaner before as well... no problems there.

Sorry to hear beeb :sad: :hugs:


Jul 20, 2009
I'm so sorry to hear that! I had the same trouble with the cleaner, too. The conditioner is great; next time I'll use it to gently wipe up any spots rather than using the cleaner.

After the cleaner botched up my ML, I was able to dye her with Tarrago, and she came out beautifully. If you match the color, I bet that would work. It's easy and inexpensive. Good luck!


Aug 23, 2009
Oh I am so sorry! That is horrible! I appreciate you giving us the warning. I almost rubbed my bag raw trying to remove a denim transfer stain. Thankfully the leather is really sturdy!


Jul 19, 2008
Sometimes it's the bag, not the product. I haven't used Lexol wipes but I have noticed color lifting when using the conditioner on some bags but not others. There are known problems with unstable dyes (blue) as well as crocking.


Jul 11, 2007
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Beeb, several gals have had big success with Tarrago dye....you may want to go that route. I wonder if the color will be hard to match.

Can you post pics of what happened to your bag? Unless it's too painful... :flowers:


May 29, 2008
Thanks, everyone. At least it was a bag I was considering selling, and not one of my favorites.

Beeb...Watson's Mom may be able to help you out if there is a Tarrago that matches Avocado!
Thanks. WM contacted me last night and suggested Olive. I may look into that soon, though I am considering using the cleaner to strip the whole bag now and just dying her another color, since Avocado didn't work that well for me anyway.

Sometimes it's the bag, not the product. I haven't used Lexol wipes but I have noticed color lifting when using the conditioner on some bags but not others. There are known problems with unstable dyes (blue) as well as crocking.
I'm sure it's safe on some things but it happened on a crunch leather Tano, which is why I posted the warning here and not in the general handbag forum. A non-tPF friend of mine also experienced the same thing with her RM MAM, so it wasn't just the fact that it was a Tano, or crunch leather.

Voo, the promised pics will be here hopefully tonight, depending on my level of lethargy.

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Oct 18, 2006
Aww beeb- sorry your bag got damaged! Thanks for the warning, though!

I use the lexol liquid leather conditioner and preservative alone on my Tano bags whenever they seem dry, and it works great. I never tried using a cleaner (Lexol or other brand) on my Tano bags... I just use a damp rag to wipe them clean and then soak them with the conditioner.

Its my personal opinion that you shouldn't really put a lot of chemicals on your Tano crunch leather bags. I think since the color on the surface is rubbed in by hand (ie not dyed all the way through), cleaning agents could deteriorate the color fairly easily. Of course I am not an expert on leather cleaning by any means... that's just my own opinion.

Its always a wise idea to try leather care products on a small unseen area of your bag first (like the bottom, or an inside pocket) and wait 24 hours to see the results before you apply it to the entire bag (or a visible area).
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