A wallet to go with a Mono & Azur?

  1. Help, I just recently purchased a monogram Popincourt Haut and a Azur Speedy 25. I would like a wallet to go with both, is that possible? Thanks!:shame:
  2. Red/pomme vernis pti or zippy, french

    I guess it all depends on what size wallet you want.
  3. i would go with epi in red (or an older color if you can get it like myrtille, lavender or mandarin), or vernis in perle, pomme, framboise, or again, an older color like indigo.
  4. Anything pomme would look great! :yes:
  5. Thanks for your responses so far!
  6. pomme zippy would look great, cos thats what i'm using!:yes:
  7. I got the pomme d'amour ludlow and it looks awesome against the mono. Im planning to use it w/ my Azur Speedy too when i get it. Im still on the waitlist tho:wondering But yea..pomme looks great and depends on you what size wallet you want.
  8. Go with epi in black or brown? Or a vernis?
  9. Pomme d'amour pti!! It would look so great next to your bags!