A wallet in GRAPE - but no handbag?? Need a sleuth!!

  1. I have been searching for HOURS trying to find a HYPE SALENTO in Grape Patent!!!! HELP! I fell in love with the Stone Patent one and found a wallet to match... however, I fell across the GRAPE PATENT wallet :nuts: !!!!!!! OH how I LOOVE it!!!!!! I want to get the set, but no matter what I search for I can't seem to find one!!!!! I am begining to think they don't exist! BUT - why make a wallet in a colour that you do not carry a purse in???????

    Is there a sluth out there that could attempt to assist in this great impossible search PLEEEEASE?? (sorry - didn't mean to whine, lol)...
  2. THAT is SO strange!!!!!!!!!
    NO!!!! It's HERE .....that site must have the style mis-labled!.. but it would help to explain the patent wallet. Sad if it is only available in that style!
  3. Mockinglee - You amaze me!!!!!!!!! TYVM for all of your effort!!!!! WONDERFUL!... but I live in Canada :sad: *sniff*

    At least I DO know they exist now... I think I am just having a bad day. I wanted to place the order for the Stone colour one, wallet and this STUNNING black woven Hype bag from BF... but the black bag sold out just as my order was being placed! THEN I discovered that they don't ship to Canada either!!

    Rotten day :sad: