A waist bag/pouch likes the one SA wears

  1. I thought there would be a new waist bag/pouch (which is similar to what SA carries) available in Oct. does anyone know about it?
  2. do u mean florentine?
  3. Thanks for your reply. I am looking for a pouch similar to florentine which is discounted. I went to LV and they said the new bag is flavorite and it doesn't look like a waiste bag at all.
  4. why not u looking on consignment shop or ebay?brand off on ebay is reputable shop.i'm not sugested u to looked on their website,not friendly for english language
  5. I haven't read of any new bags coming out that are similar to what the SA's wear. I may be wrong but I think those are only made for the SA's and are stamped as such. I think I've seen one or two come up on ebay before but I'm not aware of a style like them that you can purchase. Although I am newer to the brand so there could be and I just don't know.

    I agree the favorite it not what you are looking for. Good luck with your search!
  6. I bought one and its called the florentine. It's a pouch and a thin snap belt. I bought it pre-loved on eBay. I hope you find one! In fact, I've seen a few for sale since I've bought mine about 1 month ago
  7. Thank you for the advice. That's a very good ideal. Hopefully I would find a good condition one
  8. You are right. In August, SA told me there would be a like bag similar to the one she was carring. Maybe I got the wrong message from her and the SA clarified the only new pouch is favorite. The one SA carries won't be available for sale.
  9. Thank you ^_^
  10. You're welcome!
  11. i just tought maybe marelle that u are looking.are the waist bag using 2straps?
  12. No, she's talking about the florentine. That's what the SA's wear.