a/w price increases?

  1. What are the price increases for the fall/winter?

    I know the Work is now $1385 and today I was quoted $1175 for a Courier (yesterday it was $1095, bah!).

    Those aren't the same percentage increases, and the Courier's only been around for one season. :wtf:

    What are other new prices?
  2. OMG...crickets chirping....I must have missed posts about this already. Okay...here's the story - my quest for a fun colored Courier....first the price issue:

    I was surprised yesterday when I called Barneys Chicago to get a Courier inventory and was quoted $1175. (They also have this inventory: black.) Anyway, Couriers were just intro'd a season ago at $1095. I didn't expect a price increase so soon...or is it real? The SA didn't know much about Balenciaga. How hard is it to read a tag though? I'm assuming Barney's did increase their prices.

    Second issue: colors available......I'm still saving for this bag but should be able to buy late September... but I'm not in love with any of the colors the Courier seems to be made with....no blueberries or blue indias anywhere or sign of them or any reports of them....Barneys apparently won't carry it in any color but white/black/greige/a mystery dark brown (truffle)?/caramel/sapin. Aloha Rag is only ordering white/black/greige. Shirise ordered sapin/black/caramel and possibly grenat. And I didn't love the caramel like I thought I would. I really want blue.

    Unless I find one I guess I'll have to wait until s/s07 colors come out and beg shirise to order a fun color for me - IF they'll do it. This weekend they said they wouldn't for fall, but I can't tell if it's because it's too late or they just don't do that. I got the feeling it was the latter. How do you guys find someone who will preorder and how far in advance do you do it? Will Barney's pre-order?
  3. omg! noooooooo
  4. yes, i've heard about the price increase. Try AR then, they still use the same old prices...
  5. AR new stock has had the price increased on the a/w colors.
  6. Here's a cut and paste from AR's website:

    We received a notice from BALENCIAGA which stated that from next '06 FW collection, there will be changes to some of the price of the bag.
    No price change for THE FIRST and THE CITY.
    110506  VOYAGE $1385→$1495
    128523 TWIGGY $1055→$1095
    132110 WORK $1275→$1385
    145694 BOX $985→$995
    159671 COURRIER $1095$→$1175
    159686 EX COURRIER $1185→$1250
    We will let you know if there are any more changes

    There was a price increase in Europe from €900 to €945 for the city.
  7. you sure? i just got my rouge vif work from them, and the prices the same as $1275:wlae: .
  8. summer- I've seen the courier in cornflower a while ago! Maybe you could track down one somewhere?
  9. you are so lucky you paid only that! i ordered it a week after you did and paid the new price of 1385.
  10. ohhh....i think i read somewhere that AR wouldnt change their prices on a/w Bbags:crybaby:, so they did change the prices huh..
  11. A cornflower courier. That would be a find. :heart: I want any blue Courier...ink, blue india, cornflower, blueberry... mostly I want to know if they MAKE blue india and blueberry couriers. Still don't know.

    It's killing me but I've got to keep this off the credit card so I have to stash the cash and save that way. We don't carry a balance on the card but dh sees the records. He will freak at the prices. :hysteric: :upsidedown: :rant: My fault, mostly. I've told him for years that I can buy $1100 bags on sale --- have gotten them unbelievably low and around $400 is the high end. MJ, Tods, Prada...Last Call, Nordies Rack, etc. I have DEFINATELY shared too much and kept him too informed. Bugger!

    He absolutely, positively won't understand the b-bag scenario and he'll get a little miffed because I sort of, kind of, told him I was done buying bags last year and he REMEMBERS that. :girlsigh: Somehow he thinks 25 bags are enough!

    So I'm stuck having to stash away cash and then buy it on ebay or locally at Shirise or Barneys or Blake if I ever find that place. I guess I'll walk in with a shoe box full of cash....(No, kidding, I'll at least present $100s.) :supacool: They're going to think I'm insane. Oh well, it's 5 minutes with the SA and years with my b-bag.

    But, if I don't find a color I like....I may wait for s/s. I only want one Courier. Don't want to settle for one I don't love. Unthinkable!!

    I may have to bring my shoe box in and hand that to David at Shirise and ask him to stick it somewhere safe. :roflmfao:

  12. Cal, thanks so much for this! VERY helpful. Somehow I missed it on ARs website. D'oh.