A/W 2010 bags!

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  1. I visited our local Mulberry stockist earlier and when asking about release dates for certain bags, I was shown the A/W catalogue (not in great detail I hasten to add!)

    Alexa will be coming out in different styles. There will be a shoulder bag Alexa (kind of hobo style) and a small shoulder bag Alexa.

    I was given March as a release date for the black lambskin Alexa (reg & OS), which will be more expensive than the current buffalo ones (EUR 1,100 for OS). Alexa in black buffalo leather will be released towards autumn at current Alexa prices.

    But.......there is another Alexa being issued towards the end of the year, which on the picture looked like cracked black leather, but apparently is a leopard print on black leather (kind of black on black, difficult to describe). That looked absolutely stunning.

    Also on the list were various Alexa small shoulder bags in different materials.

    The SA also mentioned cosmic reptile (or was it snake?) on a Bays. She said there would be a lot more exotic and glam materials/skins for the winter season.
  2. I am liking the sound of all of the above!! Especially the Hobo style Alexa. xx
  3. Hobo Alexa sounds great! Thanks for posting this information.
  4. That sounds very good!
  5. I'd better start saving now by the sounds of all that. The black leopard thingy sounds great!
  6. Wow, hobo Alexa sounds like a great bag. Will hold off until then ......
  7. It all sounds horrid - do I sound convincing?
  8. ^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    They don't seem to want you to know too much about forthcoming collections. Might stop people from spending their money now if they are waiting on a particular bag. I had to keep asking her to go back a page or two.
    Oh, forgot, they also have Daria coming out in another colour - think it was called toffee (similar to butterscotch but less bright).
  9. Where did you see the book...I was in Bts yesterday and had a very long peruse of the book ...maybe 15 minutes....
  10. Hi Birkin Girl!
    It was in BT; it was Aime who let me have a look but it was all very ....quick....!
  11. Mssw, I like the sound of the toffee Daria, and that black leopardy Alexa sounds amazing. I'm sorry I wasn't there to squint over your shoulder!
  12. Indy, I had all but written off Alexa, but it's firmly back on my radar now!
    Not sure which of the black ones I would like :nuts:
    So far there seem to be three different versions: lambskin, buffalo and leopard print.

    Also, I had discounted the regular as being too small, but when I tried it on messenger style, it looked perfect. When handheld, I thought OS looked better on me. I think messenger style would be my preferred way of carrying her, so regular will do just fine.
    Decisions, decisions!

    Toffee Daria looked delicious!
  13. The Alexa Hobo sounds great! Would love to see the toffee color in person. Sad thing is, the US stores get these bags later than in the UK :sad:

    My SA in NY said that they stagger the new bags so everything is "fresh"... Can't wait to see what the new Alexa's look like :smile:

    Thanks for sharing!
  14. Oooh interesting, lots of Alexas then basically!!

    When I was in HOF the other weekend, I saw all the leather samples and they had one called Galactic Gold or something like that - it was black but with a gold glittery layer over the top - I think it was going to be used for the small bays clutch from what I remember... looked fab anyway!

    The SA was also a bit quick with showing me her book of secrets - she said she was told not to share it with customers but she thought it was beneficial for them to see it and enjoyed discussing with customers.
  15. That al sounds yummy! Am very glad to see that Alexa will be hanging around for a while, i am hoping that she will become a classic.