A/W 07 leather versus 05 leather...thoughts?

  1. Hi. I'm on the ultimate hunt for a black day bag. Preferably a black 05 day. However, I'm also not blessed/born with patience either (at least not when it comes to Balenciaga HG). I heard that the A/W 07 leathers are fairly thick, not veiny, and overall of nice quality. Should I go for a 07 day then or wait for that elusive 05? Are the A/W 07 black days even out yet? Thanks for listening and giving advice.
  2. imo, you should go for the 07 day and yes it's out already. even if you manage to find a 05 day, it's most likely not going to be in new condition. however, although 07 leather is nice and smooshy, imo it's still not as nice as the 05 leather although it's close.
  3. This is a tough decision!!! If you can hold out for the '05 black day then it will be worth it if that's your preference.

    I have always waited for what I knew I wanted to come along and it was well worth the wait. Most used black bags really don't show much wear b/c it's black.
  4. I've owned 2 bags from F/W 05 and the leather on my 07 black city is just as nice, if not better than the leather on both of them. An 07 black day would be much easier to find than an 05 and it would be brand new instead of used :yes:
  5. Is your 07 from the S/S season or A/W? I read that the A/W leather is nicer. Do you think that's true?

  6. It's from A/W. From what I've seen the A/W bags have consistantly better leather than the S/S. The leather on my city is really thick and "chewy" :heart:
  7. Sounds delicious! I'm seriously considering this option. Thanks. :smile:

  8. I only have one bag from 05, but I really love the 07 leather as well and would say that they are comparable
  9. My preference is always to own a new bag over a used one. F/W 07 leather is pretty impressive IMO so I'd choose F/W over '05 any day (if we are strictly discussing leather and not colors).
  10. I also must chime in and say that I do like the 07 AW leather, I just bought a steel city today and it's very thick and the distressing very even. However, I do own an 05 and have to say that 05 is my ALLtime fave.
  11. I recommend trying to see the 07 leather for yourself to decide whether it has the same "wow" factor for you as 05 leather. Also, S/S 05 was generally more buttery-soft than F/W 05, so if you were looking for F/W, maybe the 07 is just as good. I've heard lots of positive feedback about the fall leather, but I agree with Zac - hold out for what you really want.
  12. this is probably a stupid question, but what about the leather of colors that aren't seasonal? like black, white? all this raving about a/w 07 leather makes me want one, but im dying to first get a black/white one....how does the leather compare?