a/w 07 bags available on NM!

  1. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/template/catB6a.jhtml?itemId=cat14030737&parentId=cat14120776&masterId=cat000019&cmCat=&view=&filter1Type=&filter1Value=&filter2Type=&filter2Value=&filterOverride=&sort=

    the metallic lady dior is making me rethink my plans for the paris trip a little.. i think it's the same one that kylie was using at the dior cruise collection show. :yes:

    not a big fan of the a/w 07 bags but i have a bad feeling they will grow on me. my wallet is not going to be particularly happy.


    love the new neon-coloured cannage drawstring bags too!

    btw, i know nat's gonna love this, video of the f/w with commentary by galliano.
  2. Thanks for posting this zero! I really like the pink and purple nylon cannage drawstrings, not a bad price too. The plisse tote is really interesting, I don't know if I'd spend $2000, though.
  3. i'm not too fond of that tote...

  4. looks like i will be focusing on chanel this fall :cursing:
  5. they have new gaucho bags..
    i like the plisse basket tote, but bit pricy.. lol
  6. metallic black reissue for u hun? or the bubble quilt? ;)
    or the sharpey.. hehe :graucho::roflmfao:
  7. no sharpey no! :nuts: at least not the chanel one...:graucho:

    i need to finally get the cabas ( i want like 5 different ones will have to make my choice :sweatdrop: ) and the bubbly bubble quilt baby :heart:! and once we are talking reissue it would be metallic - dark silver *hug*

    sorry for OT !
  8. I love the pink drawstring cannage, that's very different and really stands out! Just gorgeous!
  9. Thanks for the post zerodross!

    I think so too! :biggrin:
  10. :ninja: ....
  11. I actually like the tote, and at first also thought $2K was pretty high. But the Prada Gauffres totes with all their tucks and pleats are also in that range.

    Yay, I've finally hit 500 posts!
  12. nat, PARIS IN DECEMBER! both of us there! how about that eh? :graucho::graucho:

    the dark silver cabas is pretty rocking, or just the black one or the vinyl one. i'm not helping am i?
    heh, as for dark silver, best get it fast or at least place an order for it. you need me to do that for you hun? since i'll be in paris this coming monday.

    p/s i got the package you sent me a few days ago! i've been so busy, i've not even thanked you for it! :sweatdrop:
  13. That purple woven frame bag is quite gorgeous, though it doesn't look very functional. The price scares me.
  14. i crave for the fuschia nylon cannage....the violet is also beautiful sighhhhh