A/W '07 arrival in Italy?

  1. Hi! Does anyone know when A/W '07 colors will arrive in Italian stores (specifically, Milan) and not LVR? I really want to go play with cinnamon and ocean and the A/W '07 leather IRL and I won't be home in the States for another month. Then I thought, I'm in MILAN. If U.S. stores have them, Paris must have them, and if Paris has them, Milan can't be too far behind, right? I was in Antonia Accesori today, and there was not one single Bbag on display. 10 Corso Como had only S/S as of a week ago. Anyone know? And any update in knowledge on when Bal Milan will open its doors?

    TIA!! :smile:
  2. HAHAHAHAH never mind JUST saw the post in the forum about the new Bal Milan store open now....


    OMG how many hours til daylight?!?!?!?