A Visual Aid for the Petit Noe'

  1. Okay, so I took my girl out shopping today for the first time since I got her. (As per Ghost's Request to get me to stop nesting) LOL! So I grabbed my kids and loaded up my noe'.........Literally!

    I am totally amazed at what this can carry~and I'm only doing this for people who are interested to see how big a petit noe' is compared to the larger one? (BTW-I'd LOVE to see what you can fit in a big one!) Anyway, the name is surely wrong for this bag....I fit:

    My big fat wallet
    2 big Playtex sippy cups (in their plastic baggies of course!)
    2 pouches of fruit snacks
    2 pouches of teddy grahms
    2 pouches of granola bars
    my phone
    1 pack of Wipes
    2 pull up diapers
    my makeup holder,
    coach thing that holds my credit cards
    And I STILL had room left over! I can not believe it!


    Closed up nice and tight with a ton of room to spare!
  2. Yes, the Petite Noe's are not that petite. They hold a ton. I am carrying my mono PN today. They are very functional and cute bags.
  3. WOW I can't believe you fit all that stuff in there with room to spare!!!! Awesome, perfect for you!! :smile:
  4. WOW! It is almost like a piece of luggage! LOL! Congrats on your bag!
  5. Wow, fits a lot in there! Luv the color too btw.
  6. Damn, that does fit a lot!!! Love it!!
  7. I agree! I just got a petit noe and am also amazed at how much it can carry. Love that color!
  8. Good for you!:yahoo:.....I am so excited that you
    A: got out of the HOUSE and went shopping!
    B: used your noe to the extreme!
    Fabulous pic!

    The noe is fabulous and shopping of course is the best! My bags are in but...I cannot share until after I get home from the DR. and grocery shopping...look for it to appear my friend!

    [​IMG] Power to the girls & guys who love to shop!
  9. wow! love this bag i have 2 girls and it hlds a lots about the same amount that you carry also change of clothing for both girls. its great!:tup:
  10. Great pic - the noe is a lovely bag, I have a MC one and I love it.:tup:
  11. Wow, that can really hold a lot. Love the color.
  12. Wow! I looove the color!!
  13. Wow! Just what a busy mom like you needs!!! That's great! I have to say again, that color is to die for!!!! :drool:Makes me wish I would be daring enough to get a "color"!!
  14. I have the blue and black petit noe, too! In fact that's the bag I'm carrying today. I love the size, it fits a ton but isn't overwhelming. The blue and black epi looks so good with anything, from jeans to dress slacks.
  15. Wow Congratulations.