A Virtual Hermette Baby Shower???

  1. I would like to propose that we throw a virtual baby shower for Japster, Patz, and any other expecting forum regulars... :yes: We could draw names so that we each buy for one gal and her hermette to be... What do you think???
  2. Yeah!
  3. What a sweet idea.

    I've not been posting here long, but I would love to join in.
  4. Count me in...
  5. count me in too!
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: How fun!!!
  7. I'm IN!!!!! Great idea!!!!
  8. Great idea!!!! Count me in!
  9. oh how sweet! i don't know what to say...........thank you!

    i guess, i'm in too!
  10. Would love it! Count me in too!
  11. You all are soooo sweet.
  12. I like that idea.
  13. Such a sweet idea !! I'm IN !!!!
  14. I'm IN!!:yahoo:
  15. me tooooooo!!!!! i want in!!! Yaaaay!!!