A vintage (XL) jumbo or the new Maxi?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I was recommended by some friends to visit the purse forum. I'm thinking of buying a maxi, seen lots of lovely pictures of both here. Which would you choose and why?

    I believe the vintage aren't available in stores anymore and only can be purchased as second hands?:tdown:

    Please help me make these decisions!:sweatdrop:
  2. Well, vintage XL jumbo is my favorite,but maxi is new I think seasonal model,so if this is your first Chanel bag I would go for black maxi in lamb GHW(gold),I ordered red in calf SHW,I really love it!
    Search forum U can find tons of maxi pics,and pics of XL jumbo,so U have to make decision by your self,and I think that XL's price is higher than maxi's!

    I LOVE MAXI:heart::heart::heart:
  3. I've read bits and pieces in the forums. Seems like the new Maxi has softer leather where as the older vintage has a more structured look. Chain straps are apparently shorter than the vintage too..

    I like the vintage for those two reasons..but am kinda worried that i might end up getting a fake vintage coz it's second hand but don't really want to spend too much on a new handbag either. The new seasonal ones are kinda costly too.

    Which bag has longer sustainability, in terms of being the 'in' thing now and in years to come?

    Which one is classier??
  4. Both are nice and i think both are going to be "in" down the road but i feel you should get the maxi flap first as they're only seasonal and not going to be always available.

    As for vintage xl jumbo, you can always look it up from resellers or ebay but do authenticate them over here before purchasing.
  5. I'm all for vintage Chanel! They wear much better than 'em new purses. :yes:

    Of course vintage Chanels can't be found in the boutiques anymore. You can try Malleries. I'm thinking of getting one from there. :P
  6. is the vintage XL and maxi the same size?
  7. I think the vintages are very well made. BUT i have a problem with my vintage XL, it weighs like a tonne of bricks after awhile at the mall and I barely have anything in it. I'll just turn to my DH and get him to carry it or else i'll have shoulder pain. I believe its the chain, i wish chanel would allow swap out of the old to the new chains even if its shorter
  8. I think the vintage bags are made better than todays bags. Here is the link to Malleries. http://luxury.malleries.com/ they have many vintage flaps and more.
  9. That is one of my concerns. :sad: Even the medium/large Classic Flap in caviar hurts my shoulders after an entire day at the mall. On a completely unrelated note, I'm looking for a bag that can fit a medium-sized lunchbox but most Chanel bags are heavy even when empty!
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    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    i like the structure of the vintage bags more, now that i've seen the new maxis.
    are the vintage flaps a lot heavier than the newer bags? If so, is it really really heavy, or just slightly heavier?

    anyone able to weigh the difference?
  11. I would go for Vintage as i don't like the "wings" appearing in Maxis..
  12. I :heart: my XL Vintage Jumbo as well... I've never felt it is heavy to carry around...and I'm not 20,30 or even 40 something;)
  13. What do you mean by "wings" appearing in Maxis? Do you have a picture of it? Many thanks. :smile:
  14. I like the look of vintage jumbo cos the flat cc lock is way nicer than the current rounder cc lock imo. so I vote for vintage jumbo!!
  15. Never mind my request for a picture of a Maxi with "wings", I just saw one! OMG, that's terrible! :wtf: