A Vintage Unicorn Reveal!

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  1. I haven't done a Marc Jacobs reveal in years but I have to show you my vintage unicorn find - and it was a steal to boot!

    Introducing my gorgeous new to me Marine Blue Stella from 2001/2002! I didn't even know that it existed and was looking for one in Grape when I happened upon it. It's in really great condition considering it's 15 years old!

    I've also attached some pics of my other MJ purchases - I've had the single for a couple of years but bought the Stellas recently. Both Stellas were cheaper than a clearance MbyMJ bag and I'm so happy I have Stellas back in my life!

    Black Stella
    Pomegranate Stella
    XL Baroque Single

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  2. Here are the other bags! Thanks for looking! :heart:

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  3. Nice finds, Dawn! That Marine Blue Stella is gorgeous
  4. Very pretty. What color is the lining?
  5. Wow!! Great finds!!
  6. Thank you!
    It's a light teal or light baby blue, it's hard to put my finger on LOL.

    Thank you!
  7. Ooo pretty
  8. Great find! Love the color of this classic beauty!
  9. So pretty! I have always wanted a Black Stella, now off to search one.

  10. thithi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I got my black Stella from eBay for $50! There are deals if you can be patient! Post in the authenticate thread if you need help! :yes:
  12. So pretty, and what a steal! I've had my Stella for 10 years, and I still reach for her every spring/ summer.
  13. Wow, I love that color (I'm obviously super into those old-school stellas, see my profile pic)!