A vintage reveal - the bag that tipped me off about the Chanel gold date stickers

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  1. Here it is. Originally bought in 1985 in Japan.
    The wrapping was beautifully done.

    149064 Photo 1.jpg 149064 photo 2.jpg 149064 Photo 3.jpg 149064 photo 4.jpg 149064 Photo 5.jpg
  2. Yup, yup, carry on!
  3. And more... 149064 photo 12.jpg 149064 photo 19.jpg 149064 photo 7.jpg 149064 Photo 6.jpg 149064 photo 20.jpg
  4. And finally, the stickers! Spot the other interesting fact, the serial number and the box were 6 numbers apart. Obviously there were a few of these in the store and while handling, they got separated. But no point quibbling over 6 numbers!
    It's not a flap, but it's a nice little bag with the operative point being little. It's only around half an inch wide. So a skinny little tote!

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  5. Very unique vintage. Lucky you
    can we see some modelling pix to get a better feel of sizing?
  6. Really interesting how different things were! And what lovely little tote of course!
  7. It's great looking. Not a 1980s screaming CHANEL. It's gona be so useful too.

    Yup. Agree. Modelling pics pls
  8. Thanks. It feels more 60's in style or 70's. But the CCs weren't being used in that way prior to the 80's. I just like it because the construction is amazing.

    It will be useful for carrying something thin! Will do a modelling pic soon, but not tonight!
  9. Ooh me likey! Very unusual indeed. I love those CCs

    I think Mimiaction is selling something vaguely similar, calling it an Artist's Bag, which, by the look of it makes sense. Carry your sho-do around with you ;)

    Makes note again to look at gold stickers...
  10. That is a really cool-looking vintage bag shinymagpie! I can't wait to see your modeling pics! I love bags with slim silhouettes.
  11. Love it!!!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. Oh wow an unique vintage. I love it! :P
  14. i love it!! can't wait to see modeling pics!
  15. I love the wrapping job! A great vintage purchase!