A vintage Chanel from my DH, looking like new again....

  1. I got this from my DH over 10 years ago for my birthday. :heart:It was a surprise gift from him...sure wish he would pick another Chanel for me for my upcoming birthday. It would be so much more romantic and meaningful, than picking my own gift...don't you ladies think so?:p

    Anyway, it was gone for 2 months for a major facelift from Chanel/France. The black leather on the front of the bag was faded out to brownish-black color, and the gold of the hw was looking faded out too. When I picked it up from NM, I was surprised to see the big difference in the refurbishing of the leather, and the replacement of all the gold hardware....I am in love with it all over again!

    It costed about $185usd for this total facelift...not bad I think.


    Here is me... please excuse my outfit, I just got back from my girls's swimming class. It was 90F outdoor, and was I drained!!!:sweatdrop:

  2. Gorgeous!!! I think $185 after 10 years is great b/c it looks brand new.
  3. The bag looks brand new.......$185 was quite a bargain to refurbish it. It looks beautiful!!!!!
  4. Wow! Your vintage chanel looks as good as brand new! Congrats!!
  5. Thanks ladies! It was really in bad shape, too bad that I didn't take a "before" pic before I send it out .
  6. that looks awesome. I have one of my own to send out. ITs not 10 years old yet.. just 6 or so
  7. Oh...Chanel actuallu does that for you? It's just amazing just by knowing that.... congrats!!...it's like renewing a vow.... enjoy !!
  8. its looks beautiful =) doesnt even look 10 yrs old at all!
  9. wow, chanel france did a great job, it's beautiful.
  10. Wow, it looks like it's brand new, gorgeous bag!
  11. That looks great! Totally worth the $ for refurbishing. What a special bag!
  12. It looks super...would be awesome if we had seen what it looked like before too!

  13. Wow, it looks brand new!
  14. wow, i am loving your bag, it does look brand new to me!! They really did a good job at such an affordable price!!! and your husband is sooooo sweet too!!
  15. it looks great!!!