a vintage chanel for $600! do you think its a good deal?:D

  1. i got this from someone i know for 600, its authentic...but i dont know what exactly the name for it is. it is double flap black with GH. the measurements are : 9.5x8
    it had scuffing and the hardware is all dull...but i TLC'd the leather with lovinmybags products, and the scuffs were buffed out and the leather is shiny again....yay~~yet it still has a lil wrinkly distressed look, kinda like the reissue :p
    i'm posting a pic~ what do you guys think? is it a good deal?
    Picture 003.jpg
  2. yes... it's very pretty.
  3. def a good deal! i love it
  4. it's gorgeous! definitely a good deal.
  5. The same one went on eBay yesterday for $1200 so you DEFINATELY got a good deal! Enjoy it...
  6. You could send it back to Chanel for a touch up if you want-you will be charged but they do a great job!
  7. Why don't I know people who would sell me a Chanel for $600:crybaby:???
  8. haha...you will in time~ the person that sold me the chanel...i sold her a chanel couple months ago...and when she bargained the price with me i wasnt too firm on it~ so i guess it paid off hahaha
    also this chanel is pretty old...i might consider bringing it to chanel for touch up.
  9. i was thinking bout that...but i dunno if they can get the deflated quilts inflated again haha...thats why sometimes i think caviars are better...they dont deflate and are so durable!
  10. It's a great deal. Vintage bag of that style and size tend to cost at least $1000 in vintage stores.
  11. yay~:tup:
  12. yay!!! :yahoo:
  13. Gorgeous. You did well!!
  14. it's real pretty.
  15. For a vintage classic flap, it's definitely a good deal as long as it comes with the authenticity card with it and the hologram sticker still in tacked inside the handbag. Congrats!