A very Vuitton Summer!

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    If you've been around here for a while, you may know that @Vlad and I love a good April Fools' Day joke that we try to pull off yearly. Many times, our members forget and we get them, one time making everyone turn into Vlad, another year with a garishly awful new design, and another year no matter what button you pressed we alerted you that you requested your account terminated. It's always brought us such joy to have fun with you all, especially when we try to pull off a forum wide joke one day a year.

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  1. Good morning my dear Tpfers! I woke up with this idea of making a thread about Summer and our collections! I thought it would be nice to share our favorite outfits and bags for the season :smile:

    Here is me with my soul mate, Alma PM Bleu Nuit! I know it's a very fall like color, but I think it also reminds me of Nautica because of the deep blue! Let me know what you guys think :smile:

    Attached Files:

  2. You're so cute Felipe! Loving the modeling shots!

    I don't know if I have any pics of me with my summery LV bags, I'll look for some :smile:
  3. You look fabulous!!
  4. I love your outfit!
  5. Thanks guys! I like this outfit too, I think it makes the Alma pop!
  6. U look great........
  7. You look great! Congrats on your new Alma bleu :smile:
  8. Great!!!!!!!!
  9. Here I am in Chicago a few days ago on our summer vacay with my azur pochette. I love this little bag for days when I know we will be doing alot of walking. We were at Navy Pier on a boat ride ;)

  10. You look so chic - great pics!
  11. Love azur in summer - looks like a fantastic bag!
  12. I was visiting my new uni campus a few days ago with my Epi Alma in Cassis.

  13. Gorgeous photo! I love how the bag matches the boat haha:P
  14. U look great! I adore that dress
  15. looking great guys!