a very, very vintage REVEAL!

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  1. This afternoon I was super bored PLUS it was raining.. so I decided to go with my aunt to a sort of flea market..
    It's a place called "soffitta" which means attic, it's a kind of bazaar where secondhand goods are sold or bartered.. My auntie goes there because she's super obsessed with paintings..
    soooo today while i was with her.. i found this!
    I know conditions are terrible: it's very, very OLD! But I found it super cute and I got it for less than 80dollars!


  2. Do you know the name of it?
  3. aww, its cute :smile: !!
  4. I like it LV should come out with a new one love it for a clutch, congrats you got a great deal :biggrin:
  5. NO IDEA!! Sorry :sad:
  6. Thank youuuu!!

    ITA! I'm deff a clutch lover! But I don't think LV has made the perfect clutch yet! I love the eva and the accessories but I'm more into envelope clutch!
  7. Great find! Congratulations!
  8. Wow! Very unique, i've never scene it before.
  9. Very cool! Congrats!
  10. Thank you LVMOMMY, sallysue and SassySarah
  11. Congratulations! Great find!
  12. I LVoe it Congrats on your find! it reminds me of the delightful range for some reason... maybe its the tab on the front! Very Chic
  13. Thank youuuu!!

    Thankssssssssssssss (: I thought of the delighful too eheheh it's prabably the tab ;);)
  14. Great find, congrats!
  15. Wow how cool. What a great surprise! Congrats.