A Very Very Happy Reveal :)

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  1. Who's here for a little reveal? :biggrin::graucho:

    Let me start with a little story first. We had a plan to go to Mexico for spring break and was supposed to fly out together. My husband had to work and couldn't fly with us that day so it was just me and my son on the flight. When I got to Mexico, I texted my husband to let him know that we got there safely then he told me he has a secret...I'm like what secret?? I couldn't get the secret out of him and I seriously have no clue what that was about...Hermes wasn't even in the guess since at that time I wish nothing more than him telling me that he can join us in Mexico. But we didn't talk long since he has to go back to work and I need to take my son to eat since he was very hungry so I didn't get anything out of him that day and I thought he didn't have a secret anyway...
  2. The next day, he sent me this text and this picture! and I'm like whattttttttttttt??
    (isn't he crazy for taking these pictures? I laughed so hard when I saw it :lol:)
    So I called him back to ask what's inside the box?? By that time I already guess it's a B but he wouldn't tell me what's inside, instead he joked that he just took out one of the Hermes box I had and took these picture...

    But I didn't believe him since he seems so happy so I knew I got one of my dream bags for sure...

    But what could be inside the big orange box?



    image1 (2).JPG
  3. Oh my goodness!!!!! I wonder what is in the beautiful box. Your husband is very creative and he has me giggling with anticipation. :graucho:
  4. So finally he showed me what's inside through FaceTime lol since I can't wait until the end of vacation to see it!

    So here it is B30 in black Epsom with gold hardware ️


    Picture with my K32
  5. at least your DH knows it's a "baby" 😆... must've been a fun photoshoot!!
  6. gorgeous!
  7. As soon as I got off the plane, I went straight to the orange box and took a modeling shot! Hahaha

    Here's how the B30 look on me (5'4")
    I have to say Epsom wasn't my first choice and it does feel very different from my bolide and kelly which is softer and feel more luxurious but I do love the structure of the Epsom

    My husband later told me that my SA called him when I was on the plane already and told him that she has a bag for us so he went to take a look that evening. The SA told him that this is exactly the combo I want so he bought it. I guess it's meant to be that he had to stay behind!! ️


  8. Hahaha I know. He said to tell my son that mommy has a new baby lol
  9. Another modeling shot. I'm so in love with this bag! ️

  10. Oh darling it's stunning!!! I do understand how you feel as far as Epsom goes but the structure is so amazing and it will look just like that forever. No slouching. And light as a feather. So it has it's huge PROs too. Congrats this combo is just stunning!!!!!
  11. Beautiful and looks perfect on you! Enjoy!!!
  12. +1 Epsom rocks!!! I love the depth and saturation of color and the fact it will look like that forever is TDF!
  13. Congrats ! You DH has such a sense of humor and I love where he placed the B, even on the toilet seat and bathtub !!

    I like Epsom too and it has a nice leather smell to it. You got the best color combo for your K & B. Enjoy them in good health.
  14. :hbeat:

    Thanks for the kind words on Epsom. I read up on here and a lot of people do enjoy Epsom :smile:

    Thanks! :love:

    Yes I wish I have Epsom in another color too since I heard that it picks up color very nicely. Maybe that will be my next wishlist :drool:
  15. Your hubby is so sweet and the text he send you is so funny. Congratulations on your new Baby!