A very, very fun time at Hermes Wall Street tonight

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  1. What a wonderful evening that was! Megs and I were invited to tonight's unveiling of the new Bugatti Veyron par Hermes, the new car that I previously reported on.

    Not only did we get to sit in the $2.3Million rocket, but I also got to chat with the leading developer and project manager of Bugatti in Wolfsburg, Germany, who was incredibly nice, patient and explained all the exciting facts about the dev. process that the car had undergone in the past months. What a beast!

    We also ran into the fabulous Avandome (who took pictures, I NEED TO SEE THEM!!!) and a few other tPF lurkers, who shall remain nameless. :sweatdrop:

    We are honored to having been invited to this event, I finally got to shine in the glamorous world of Hermes and play with the most exciting toy, ever! F*** me, I love the Veyron.

  2. You are so funny Vlad! Have fun in NYC!!!
  3. Oh wow!! Congratulations! I can't wait to see some pictures!!!
  4. How exciting is this Vlad!...wish I was invited by our Hermes Adonis Goddess that works there! Wait till I e-mail him! But wait, perhaps he knows that I can't probably afford it! But wow finally a visit to Hremes for my pleasure rather than Mrs. P and it didn't happen!:sweatdrop::sweatdrop: Where did they place the car? Any pics Vlad?
  5. How exciting Vlad and Megs! I wonder who will be purchasing that car. Somehow "car" seems a very inappropriate word!!!!

    I can't wait to see the pictures!!!!!
  6. Duchess...I like your little rocket too...can I sit on the driver's seat and pretend I can afford it?:tup: Mr. P
  7. How exciting! I hope we get to see pictures!
  8. OMG what fun, what did you guys wear! and what BAG LOL!
  9. I didn't take any pictures myself, I'll be requesting images from the professional photographers who were on site.

    They have projected to sell between 10-15 cars world wide of this type - 5 orders in already. At that hefty price tag, the club of owners will most certainly stay exclusive.
  10. Wow! Glad you and Megs had fun! For once, there was an H event that the men can enjoy! Can't wait to see pics of this wonderful event!
  11. Damn...the story of my life...always "excluded" when it come to anything "exclusive"! I should have married for money instead of love! :roflmfao::roflmfao:LOL!!!...I know you are happily engaged! just teasing!!!
  12. We will have pictures soon hopefully! We did not take our camera, but turned out tons of people had cameras, so we could have (shucks!!). But we will be sent photos from Hermes to share with all of you!

    I wore a black Prada dress and my Blue Jean Birkin! The dress was totally tight, but looked great (I think!). Now I can breathe as I am in PJs again!
  13. LOL Megs.... enjoy the jammies! Glad you guys had fun. Sounds like a very special night.
  14. Oooh BJ Birkin, great choice!:tup:
  15. omg the roar of the engine, one of the engineers revved it, the turbos went spinning and the exhausts gave a tone that sounded like it was going to blow a building over.