A very rude and unreasonable Non-Paying Bidder!!!

  1. i wanted to share our experience with everyone.
    My boyfriend is an avid collector of sneakers.

    he put 2 pairs up for sale on eBay and both were won by the same buyer. the total came up to about usd700 including shipping.

    first the buyer emails and complains that the shipping is too expensive. my bf charged usd100 for 2 pairs EMS. it was clearly stated in the auction that he'll only ship EMS because he has been burnt too many times from buyers claiming they never received their item and paypal taking his money away fromn him. that usd100 is almost the accurate amount that they charge at the post office. the shoes are very heavy, we have to buy the box from the post office, bubble wrap etc. we know that that is how much it cost because he sent 2 pairs to another buyer a few days prior to that and that was almost what he paid +/- a few dollars.
    so then when my bf explained to him that he has not been overcharged the buyer goes to the australia post website and starts making his own calculations and insist that it is sent through airmail because it is cheaper. :confused1: obviously we won't take that risk and send through airmail when there is no tracking number. then he says he won't buy the shoes. he has no money.

    i told my bf to stop arguing with him, and unless he has something better to say stop responding to his unreasonable emails. sneakers like the ones he sells have market value. one week they might cost a lot next week they won't. because this got dragged on for about a week the prices for the sneakers have all gone down on eBay. had he not bid and had the sneakers been sold to someone else then no loss would have been incurred.

    my bf left him a negative. i felt that was appropriate. i have had non-paying bidders but they have all been very polite and apologetic, and the amount was never close to usd700 anyway. the buyer was furious! he emailed back and started scolding my bf saying that my bf was unreasonable and BAD because he informed my bf that he wouldn't be able to pay. WTH???!!! :cursing:
    oh and in return he left my BF a negative and said that he'll only remove it if the negative left for him was removed as well.

    then a dispute was filed to get back the listing fees and final value fees. obviously because that 'wonderful' buyer did not pay. and then he got furious again!!! and because of him the dispute is being dragged on. he's like "i;ve alreayd told you i cannot pay, why are you so unreasonable etc etc" i don't get it. :wtf: it's not like we're asking him to pay us the fees back. but it's something we have to get eBay to do. so because of him, might be a while before the negative feedback issue is settled and before he gets the fees back.

    what i don't understand is where do some people come off being so unreasonable when they are at fault?
    and does anyone hvae good advise in retracting negative feedbacks that have been wrongly left for you?
  2. Well, you cannot remove what was written (maybe ebay can, but I am not sure). You can remove the negative so it does not count against your feedback score, but I believe that both buyer and seller have to mutually agree to withdraw feedback.

    Sorry this happened. It is a shame when you come across one bad buyer that spoils it for you.
  3. does it mean if he doesn't agree te negative will always be there? that's terrible!
  4. Ebay won't remove the statement. They will do a mutual neg removal. The words will still be there. Did you report them for NPB? Hopefully, ebay will kick them off. Sorry this happened to you.
  5. I think so. Like I said, I believe that whatever was written will always be there, just the rating will be withdrawn. It does suck, but usually people can go back and read what happened and make a pretty clear call on what happened. I have over 220 FB on ebay with 1 neg, which was from a seller that sold me a fake bag and I left her a neg first. All my buyers have left positive so I really don't let it bother me.
  6. I really sympathise with you, wannabelyn! :sad:

    EMS postage from Australia is really, really expensive. The last time I sent a gift by EMS, the postage almost outweighed the value of the books!

    The buyer your boyfriend's encountered is obviously a nutcase. If your auction stated the postage amount for International destinations, then he should be made to pay the full amount!
  7. Sorry you ( and your bf ) happened that. Your buyer sounding mad ( sorry ). He doesn't want to pay but doesn't want seller process unpaid item dispute?? :push: crazy.

    Since he left your bf neg and can't be nice or polite, ask your bf to give him strikes!! If he get 3 strikes, eBay will suspend his acc. It'll safe other serious and trusted sellers from mad person like him.

  8. Well the idiot didnt have to bid/BIN if he did like the shipping charges!!!!!

    Big eye roll from me @@

    Sorry this happened!
  9. Geez. Why do people bid and then complain about something?
  10. You can leave a follow up on the negative he left, and make sure you file for non-paying bidder refunds on BOTH pair, so the rude buyer will have to NPB strikes against him. Don't back off either. He knows he's in the wrong and hopefully ebay will get rid of him. Don't fret over the negative feedback, just follow up with explanation. I always say something charming like "deadbeat".....
    Sorry to hear you all have had such a nasty experience with this buyer!
  11. Once you close the Unpaid item dispute, his negative will be automatically removed by eBay (however the statement will remain) and a note stating the buyer did not respond to the notification (i.e didn't pay) will be also posted by eBay.

    A suggestion : Never leave a feedback before you close an unpaid item dispute. Once you close the dispute and if buyer did not pay, he/she cannot leave a feedback according to eBay policy. So sad this happened.