A Very Pregnant Christina Aguilera Out And About In Hollywood

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  2. She looks tired.
  3. She looks like she has a LOT of makeup on in the pics. Maybe coming from a photo shoot or something?
  4. she looks tired!Agree!
  5. Well to any of the skeptics, this damn well confirms it.
    Nice pics, looking forward to seeing those titties get even bigger.:graucho:
  6. Awww YAY FOR HER...but why won't she just come out and say it? And why does she look so sad? I hope things are going well for her...
  7. I think she looks good but she does look tired! Sometimes I'd like to see her with a little less make up on she doesn't always have to be so done up!
  8. She's sooo beautiful... Lot's of make-up!
  9. I kinda like that she's not making any formal announcements about her pregnancy. It's a private matter and the fact that she treats it as such makes her look intriguing and more together than some of the other ditzy preggos running around in Hollywood... I never cared much for her before but I'm starting to like her now.

    Besides, with that cute belly, the cat's kinda out of the bag anyway :p
  10. She consistently wears WAY too much makeup. She looks horrible....like a clown. Someone should tell her.
  11. She probably looks tired because being pregnant can be exhausting, especially if you are running around alot (maybe from photo shoot to photo shoot?).
  12. she's recording her album :yes:
  13. Love her!
  14. she looks nice, she defo looks like she has studio make up on :biggrin: ;)
  15. her makeup is waay too much, and not in a good way.